Who is Danielle Olivera from 'Summer House?'

Who is Danielle Olivera from 'Summer House?'

Danielle Olivera is best known for being a part of the cast of BravoTV’s Summer House Season 2. She soon left the show because her job called. However, she is back for season 4 of the show, following the work-from-home policy.

Let’s get to know Danielle Olivera a bit more with these facts.

10 Facts About Danielle Olivera

  1. Danielle Olivera was born on December 22, 1988, as a Capricon for her zodiac sign.
  2. She was born to her Puerto Rican parents. While there is little to no information about the parents, we do know that her mother’s name is Aida L Lopez.
  3. When it comes to siblings, Danielle has a brother named Aldwin Olivera who often appears on Danielle’s social media. Aldwin went to St. John’s University in 2016 after graduating from Lodi High School. He got his bachelor’s degree in Sport and Fitness Administration and Management with a 3.5 GPA. As of now, he works as pro sports and University sales manager.
  4. Danielle and her brother are of Puerto Rican-American ethnicity.
  5. For her education, Danielle attended the University of Delaware in 2006 and graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. In college, she was in the Sigma Kappa sorority.
  6. In 2016, the reality star also earned a certification of software product management and scrum master from Product School.
  7. After garnering 6 years’ worth of experience from the FinTech industry, Danielle now contributes to software development as a product manager. 
  8. There was a time when Danielle worked in Big Apple.
  9. Danielle made her TV debut with her appearance in season 2 of ‘Summer House.’ According to The Bustle, she was even invited by Kyle Cooke to join the cast.
  10. She also appeared in ‘Dirt Merchants: Rebelistic’ in 2018.

Danielle Oliver's Drama Made Out with Luke Gulbranson in Summer House 

When Danielle was in ‘Summer House,’ she was romantically linked with roommate Carl Radke. Since their chemistry was very apparent, fans were excited for Danielle to join the show again to witness some romantic scenes. 

However, the teaser of the new season showed that there were rumors about Danielle making out with Luke Gulbranson on New Years’. On top of that, Hannah Berner, a fellow contestant, claimed that Danielle’s closest friend, Lindsay Hubbard, also tried pushing the two together. 

Lindsay was hurt when Hannah, who she considered her friend, made such a claim. Thus, Danielle was quick to clear up things. 

And for Hannah to kind of come at her and say things like, you know, ‘She wanted Danielle to hook up (with Luke)’... like it just hurts.”

To be fair that was all me. But it was weird that Hannah kind of said it was Lindsay. But yeah, that was all me. Luke and I are just good friends. And friends cross the line.”

Danielle also said that Lindsay was the one who always tried to “help Hannah out in the past, especially with Luke.” Hannah and Luke had some flirty romance last summer but things were never clear and sometimes Hannah was confused about what her relationship was with Luke. 

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