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Hi, we are StuffsThatMatter with an extra "s" because "stuff" isn't plural enough for all the tea we've got to spill. 

StuffsThatMatter is an online magazine with in-depth and engrossing content that talks about a diverse range of topics, from news, fashion, celebrities, and literature, to movies, music, K-pop, and more entertainment. In the process of building a strong foundation, we believe that our readers' feedback and the always-changing portrait of the world today are among the factors that motivate us to write about "stuffs" that matter. (Pun intended) 

We also believe in flexible writing that might get opinionated at times, but that is a line we are willing to cross to deliver under-rated topics.

Thank you for stopping by, visit us tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that as well! Okay?