Meet Mercedes Myrick, Chris From Married At First Sight’s Ex-Fiancee

Meet Mercedes Myrick, Chris From Married At First Sight’s Ex-Fiancee

Married at First Sight Season 12 just started, and fans have already shown burning hatred towards one of the contestants. After allegedly leaving his pregnant fiancee Mercedes Myrick to get married to Paige Banks, Chris Williams grabbed public attention. 

The love triangle created more curiosity amongst the fans, and recently when Mercedes and Chris’ engagement party video got leaked, it made people wonder if everything was just a setup. 

Let’s find if Mercedes and Chris planned all along to get more exposure, or they got back together!

What Happened Between Mercedes Myrick & Chris Williams?

Mercedes and Chris got engaged in February 2020 and were reportedly engaged until the end of June 2020. Then Chris left Mercedes in later June to be on Married At First Sight. 

After Chris left, Mercedes shared a status, writing, "I feel bad for anybody minding my business. Poor baby gotta be confused af."

The rumor of baby was soon speculated, but it’s not known if she is pregnant with Chris baby or not. 

Moving back to Chris, he started receiving his fans’ hatred following his married to Paige Banks in August 2020 at the beginning of the show. Things turned sour after Mercedes and Chris’s engagement party video got leaked.

Fan of Paige demanded Justice for her, and they considered the whole scenario to be unfair towards Paige. 

On the show, viewers were evident about Chirs and Paige’s bond over their love of tattoos. Chris also revealed to Paige that he and Mercedes got their names tatted on themselves, and now, he wants to get the new tattoo to cover it up. 

When things are messed up, fans think the season of MAFS may end in tears for Paige Banks and feels a happy ending for Paige is highly unlikely. 

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