Who is Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon's Husband? Countdown's New Co-host's Personal Life Details

Who is Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon's Husband? Countdown's New Co-host's Personal Life Details

While Rachel Riley is on maternity leave, Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon is co-hosting 60 episodes of Countdown. The super-intelligent mathematician is the first Black woman to be in charge of the iconic Countdown board, and is considered one of the most prominent women in UK computing.

Who is Anne Marie Imafidon’s Husband?

According to the African voice, Anne Marie Imafidon is married as of 2021. She got married in a traditional Bini wedding with her husband whose family name was apparently "Mann." Her husband's identity and details, on the other hand, are yet to be revealed. Her social media accounts likewise contain no mention of her marriage.

According to the website, she married in September, and all of her relatives from Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and other countries attended the event dressed in traditional Nigerian attire.

"Health, Husband, Help – three things you need for a great career," Ann-Marie retweeted a post by Mayer Marrisa.

Anne Marie Imafidon's Net Worth

The net worth of Anne-Marie Imafidon has yet to be published. We can estimate her earnings to be high based on her excellent career. According to Forbe's website, she was one of the top 50 women in technology in the world in 2018. As a result, we can deduce that she has a sizable net worth.

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She is the CEO and 'Head Stemette' of Stemettes, as well as an author and speaker. She is now at the pinnacle of her career, having graduated as one of the youngest in her field (Master of Mathematics and Computer Science) at the age of 20.

Coventry University bestowed her an honorary doctorate last month in recognition of her contributions to STEM.

What Is Anne Marie Imafidon Ethnicity?

Anne Marie Imafidon was born in Barking, London, on June 24, 1990.

Her parents came to the United States from Nigeria. As a result, we can classify her ethnicity as Nigerian. Her father Chris Imafidon and mother Ann Imafidon, as well as her grandparents, are all from Nigeria's Edo State. 

Her Instagram

You can find Dr. Anne Marie Imafidon on Instagram under the username @notyouraverageami

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