Who is Dr. David Kulber? Johnny Depp's Surgeon Details the actor's Finger Injury

Who is Dr. David Kulber? Johnny Depp's Surgeon Details the actor's Finger Injury

Dr. David Kulber testified on Tuesday, May 24, on the subject of Johnny Depp's severed fingertip, following Dr. Richard Moore's testimony on Monday. After the 2015 incident in Australia, Kulber was the surgeon who treated Depp's injury.

In 2015, Kulber, who was affiliated with the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles at the time, operated on Depp's hand after he damaged some of his fingertip tissue. The surgeon testified briefly regarding Depp's injury throughout the trial.

Dr. Kulber, unlike Dr. Moore, did not deny Depp's assertions that he was hurt when Heard reportedly hurled a vodka bottle at him. The physician also refused to comment on Amber Heard's claims that Depp self-mutilated his fingertip.

Dr. David Kulber's Testimony on Johnny Depp's fingertip injury in 2015

Kulber operated on Depp's wounded hand around March 20, 2015, according to his testimony. Depp "had a fracture in his finger and soft tissue loss," according to the surgeon, who claims to have reconstructed the actor's finger.

Dr. David Kulber, speaking on Johnny Depp's claimed violent outbursts after his fingertip injury, said: 

"He couldn't move his third and fourth fingers ... It's a more bulkier splint right after the surgery. So ... it gets in the way ... He could attempt to grab someone. But I don't know how successful he would be."

Dr. Kulber also talked about Depp's issue with infection after the fingertip injury.

Amber Heard's lawyer Ben Rottenborn questioned the surgeon after his deposition by Johnny Depp's legal team on whether the actor's cast could have stopped him from harming the actress' closet.

Dr. David Kulber also hinted during his evidence that he had not detected any damage to Depp's cast at the time.

Kulber's response was, "He had his other hand available."

Dr. David Kulber also hinted during his testimony that he had not detected any damage to Depp's cast at the time. Any damage to the cast could have helped link the actor to any property vandalism that occurred following the accident.

The surgeon's testimony came to an end at this point, and no additional questions were addressed to him. As previously stated, the doctor's testimony did not refute either party's account of the incident.

Everything about Dr. David Kulber

Dr. David A. Kulber is a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation and hand-related corrective or repair surgery.

Following his graduation from Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Kulber has over 21 years of expertise in this sector, according to his US News biography.

The board-certified surgeon has also completed residencies at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia and Cornell Campus) and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (in Los Angeles), and even holds a fellowship from New York University Grossman School of Medicine.

Dr. David Kulber has received Top Doctors: LA Area honors and won the CMS Stage 1 EHR in 2012 and 2013 throughout his career.

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