Who Is Eva Marie's fitness coach husband Jonathan Coyle?

Who Is Eva Marie's fitness coach husband Jonathan Coyle?

Months of rumors surrounding Eva Marie's comeback to WWE were eventually put to rest on May 3, when it was revealed that "All Red Everything" was indeed returning to the ring. In a video appearance, Marie announced that WWE will soon be getting the "Eva-lution." Marie, who is wed to Jonathan Coyle, made her WWE exit announcement back in 2017.

Moreover, let’s learn more about her husband Jonathan in this article. 

Who is Jonathan Coyle?

Jonathan Coyle was born on 7 January 1982 in Northern California. He grew up living in Sanfransico and Dublin, Ireland, so he holds dual citizenship. 

He went to California Polytechnic State Institute, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. After that, he got an MBA from Hope International University and went to Western State University School of Law. 

Prominently, he is known as the husband of WWE star and Model Eva Marie. He formerly appeared on the WWE-based show Total Divas with her. Other than that, he is a fitness coach, actor, and model. He has appeared in the 2014 film Adriane's Truth and 2020 Couchmaster X. He is also the co-owner of his wife's fitness apparel business.  

Jonathan Married WWE Champion Eva Marie

Who Is Eva Marie's fitness coach husband Jonathan Coyle?
Jonathan Coyle with his wife Eva Marie | Source: Instagram

Coyle first met Marie during a CrossFit Workout session. He was there with his friend, who was also intrigued by her. His friend then asked him who she was, and Coyle promptly replied, claiming that she was his wife. 

Reminiscing the moment of falling in love, Coyle wrote,

"It was like I walked into a dream, I had never seen anything so beautiful. Love, at first sight, is the cheesiest thing, until it happens to you."

They decided to get married only a couple of months after knowing each other. Coyle also admitted that he came to know her exact age after getting married. 

They had eloped for their wedding in Napa Valley, marrying before only a handful of close friends. Marie revealed on the show that after returning home from their marriage, it was very tough for her to convince her family. But eventually, they settled on the notion and accepted Coyle. 

Who is Eva Marie?

Who Is Eva Marie's fitness coach husband Jonathan Coyle?

Natalie Marie Coyle, professionally known as Natalie Eva Marie, was born in 1984. Her birthday falls on 19 September. She is a fitness instructor, model, and athlete, who joined the WWE in 2013.

First, she was assigned to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where she began her training. Then by July 2013, Marie had made her main roster debut as Eva Marie and took over as manager of The Bella Twins. She also joined the reality TV show Total Divas cast, where she appeared with her husband, Coyle. 

Three years later, in mid-2016, Marie was suspended by the WWE for allegedly violating the Wellness Policy. And she subsequently stopped showing on WWE TV. 

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Thirteen months later, she acknowledged her departure from the company, but two years later, she began claiming in interviews that she was in talks for a promotion. Marie announced her resignation from the organization on Twitter on 4 August 2017. She was also removed from the cast of Total Divas since she is no longer under contract with WWE.

However, in 2021, Marie announced her return to the WWE with her new image entitled 'Eva-lution.'

Jonathan Coyle's Networth

As of 2022, Coyle has not disclosed his accumulated wealth or annual salary to the media. But according to Celebrity Net Worth, his wife, Eva Marie, holds a net worth of $2 Million.

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