Who is Maggie Carrie? Influencer Apologizes after Saying an Anti-Asian slur in a Makeup Tutorial Video

Who is Maggie Carrie? Influencer Apologizes after Saying an Anti-Asian slur in a Makeup Tutorial Video

Beauty brand Juvia's Place has received harsh backlash after releasing a cosmetics tutorial in which an influencer used an anti-Asian slur.

Influencer Maggie Carrie was shown doing her makeup in the video, which was removed from the brand's social media accounts earlier this week.

She was applying eyeliner when she used the slur while explaining how she draws her wings.

Who is Maggie Carrie?

Maggie Carrie is a 31-year-old online and reality celebrity who was born in New York on May 22, 1990. She looks after her older brother, who is confined to a wheelchair. Their mother passed away when the siblings were little.

Carrie rose to stardom after her presence on Love & Hip Hop: New York's ninth season and her involvement on MTV's Wild 'N Out.

The influencer made news in 2016 after being shot in the left leg during a gunfight at a T.I. concert. It took several months for the injuries to heal.

Maggie Carrie has over 400K Instagram followers and owns the thriving hair business "Hair Like Maggie," which sells human-haired wigs and lashes. Her business account has over 39K followers, and she is frequently featured by brands and receives money from several collaborations.

The backlash from the Video

Following the backlash of the makeup tutorial video, Juvia’s Place posted an apology note to its Instagram story on Thursday.

"We understand a video posted on our page has a comment in it that is offensive," the brand wrote. "Please know that we continue to be true to our mission of being a brand that represents all races, all people, and all cultures. The video has been removed. We sincerely apologize tribe."


According to screenshots posted by Twitter users, Carrie also appeared to post an apology on her Instagram story on Thursday, though it has since been removed.

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"I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I may have offended in anyway," she wrote, according to the screenshots. "Unknowingly, I used an insulting word to describe an attribute. My fault! I ain't know. We learn something new everyday!"

Carrie, on the other hand, removed her original story and posted another apology while detailing the situation on her Facebook page. which was later deleted as well. 

“So I had a makeup gig a while back with @juviasplace. In the video I was describing how I like my eyeliner. I said I like my eyeliner out not up and I used the word c***ky. Apparently, saying c***ky eyes is a racial slur to Asians. I DID NOT KNOW THAT. They can shoot me for being uneducated but I am not a racist. You honestly can say that I did not know after learning so I apologize. I deleted it from my story a short time later because my followers didn't know what tf I was talking about so I said I'll explain today.

I was simply trying to describe a attribute. I think Asia[n]s are beautiful and have beautiful eyes. What we're not gonna do all day today tho is send me death threats, call me scum, racist and be maliciously disrespectful because of a HONEST MISTAKE."

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