Chef Leah Cohen's Wiki Includes Information On Her Age, Height, Work, & Family

Chef Leah Cohen's Wiki Includes Information On Her Age, Height, Work, & Family

You may recognize Leah Cohen from Season 5 of "Top Chef," as well as her following appearances on "Good Morning, America," "Chopped," and "Beat Bobby Flay," but there are likely certain aspects of her life that you are unaware of, including some dramatic personal highs and lows.

Chef Leah Cohen's Wiki


Chef Leah Cohen and her husband, Ben Byruch, revealed they were expecting their second child in September 2021. 

Leah confirmed their second child's arrival in early 2022 in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine. 

In 2021, Leah Cohen turned 40 years old. She was born in 1981 in New York to biological parents who were a mixed racial marriage. 


Her mother was of Filipino ancestry, while her father was of Romanian Jewish ancestry.

After appearing in the fifth season of Top Chef in the late 2000s, Leah Cohen became a household name. 

Leah had a spotless CV by then, having worked at places like "Park Avenue Café," "Ristorante La Madia," and "Eleven Madison Park." Her cooking skills were polished while she was a member of Italy's Slow Food program. 


Following the finale of "Top Chef," Leah went on a culinary pilgrimage of sorts. She spent time learning methods in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines while working at restaurants such as "Bo Innovations" and "Nahms."

When Leah returned to the United States, she opened “Pig & Khao” with the help of her lover Ben Baruch. The success of the aforementioned Lower Estate Side eatery was crucial in keeping her seven-figure net worth afloat. 

Leah Cohen Married Life


Leah Cohen and her husband Ben Byruch celebrated their third wedding anniversary three months after welcoming Carter into the world.

Following years of dating, the culinary couple married in July 2016. 

Ben is a veteran in the restaurant sector for those who are unaware. He earned a degree in Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and spent two years working at a boutique management bank. After leaving his corporate position, he returned to the hospitality industry.

Leah's Very first child 


Leah Cohen became a mommy for the first time in 2019. She gave birth to a baby boy in the fall of that year. 
Carter Graham was born on September 23, 2019, to the former "Top Chef" phenomenon and her spouse Ben Byruch. 

Carter was born at 1.51 p.m., weighing seven pounds and two ounces and measuring 21 inches long. 

Carter, Leah told Page Six on October 1, 2019, was a Vampire who slept all day and stayed up all night.

Social Media


The Instagram account of Leah Cohen, @leahscohen, has 32.7k followers. She also has a Twitter account, @chefkeahcohen, which has 2,439 followers.