Sarah Jaffe Shares The Bond Of Love And Art With Girlfriend

Sarah Jaffe Shares The Bond Of Love And Art With Girlfriend

Singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe is best known to many as the indie singer behind the popular track “Clementine.”This melancholy yet catchy track( from the 2010 album Suburban Nature) was dubbed as “the lullaby for adults” by NPR upon its release. And the unofficial video for Clementine has over 38 million views to date.

Most of the track since then has stood the test of time, especially those from Suburban Nature and Ever Born Again.

Today, Sarah’s acoustic and indie roots rarely linger in her new projects since her recent tracks are more inclined to the hip-hop genre. Nevertheless, she continues to reign through her timeless tracks like Summer Begs, Ever Born Again in the realm of indie music.

Not much is revealed behind her muse that led the singer to create these soulful classics, but her present muse is not a secret. And she doesn’t shy away from providing her fans glimpses of her newfound love. So, let’s dig a bit deeper into the love life of this Texas-born talent!

Who Is Sarah Jaffe Dating?

In 2019, the artist posted a pretty girl (holding a vintage film camera) with quite an adorable pair of eyes named Dani Okon. Gradually, she started making appearances on Sarah's many Instagram stories, which are hilarious, by the way.

In case you didn’t know, Sarah’s sense of humor and the caricature through filters are amusing to watch.

So yeah, having seen the two in several videos together and captions that read “Sweet delight my love” aside from Dani’s posted pic made it evident that the two were a match.


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Still today, Sarah and Dan are together sharing the bond of love and creation. Yes, like Sarah, Dan too is an artist.

More on Sarah Jaffe’s Girlfriend

Sarah’s muse Dani, is a creative director and GFX artist currently working for Nylon Magazine. A resident of New York (Sarah and Dani moved in together a few years ago), Dani has worked alongside Bebe Rexha to Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner.

On the other hand, she has managed to give her creative touch to her lover Sarah’s recent projects. Interestingly, the 8-bit themed animated video for Golden Aquarian’s(a musical duo formed by Sarah and composer Roberto Sanchez) track titled “High Enough” was made by none other than Dani herself.

Also, she is the creative mind behind Sarah Jaffe's music videos of tracks that includes Small Talk, Blame It, It Can Only Get Better & Lay low.

Where To Listen To Sarah Jaffe’s Tracks?

Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, almost every music platform out there! And in case you want to have the pleasure of owning the hardcopy of her amazing tracks, grab it on the Kirtland records official site through this link!

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