Did Alexa Demie Lie About Her Age?

Did Alexa Demie Lie About Her Age?

In human history, physical appearance has not been a subject like it has become these days. Alexa Demie, who is in her late 20s, has the face of a young girl in her early/mid-20s.

The disparity between her face and age made her fans question her real age. Alexa, who portrayed the role of Maddy Perez relatively young character in the series Euphoria made her followers presume her age in the early 20s. 

Is Alexa Demie Really A Highschooler?

Alexa Demie is not a high schooler in real life because she is currently in her late 20. The 29-year-old actress gained media attention for her age after rumored about lying about her real age.

Recently, the news of Alexa’s age cropped up after some people found out a list of alumni from her high school where she was claimed to have graduated high school in 2008, making her age 29-30. 

Seemingly, some others had tweeted a picture of Alexa standing alongside the elder Kardashian sisters, Sky Ferreira, Grimes, and Azealia Banks questioning her actual real age. 

Moreover, Azealia Banks replied to one of the tweets to @_care_bear_666, saying, “30 is the new 20.” 

Alexa not only became the talk of the town, but people were also quick to come up with humorous memes targeting Alexa. 

Her idea of lying age also brought up larger questions about ageism in Hollywood. Many other celebrities also shared upsetting stories about how they were treated because of their age. In the case of women, they go by the younger, the better. So, some people lie about their age to book roles. 

However, in the case of Alexa, she has not responded to any of the rumors, thus, for now, the high school information might be misleading, or Alexa might have lied in spite of getting younger roles.

Alexa Demie Is A True Cali Girl

Alexa Demie was born with the real name Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom in the year 1990 in Los Angeles, California. Her birthday falls on the 11th of December.

By the time she turned 8, she was predominantly raised by her mother, Rose Mendez, a makeup artist from Michoacán, Mexico. Although the fatherly figure is not talked about much, she mentioned that she had maintained a good relationship with him. 

Cast Only In Euphoria Or Others Too?

Alexa Demie is not only a cast in Euphoria but started her career in the year 2015. In 2015, she was seen in the short video Miles, and the next year she was seen playing the role of Shairee in the TV series Ray Donovan

Since she entered the entertainment field, she has always been seen in series or movies every year. She has worked in Love, The OA, Euphoria, and on Brigsby Bear, Mid90s, Waves, and Mainstream. 

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