'Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart' Couple Chris Watson and Bri Stauss Have Split

'Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart' Couple Chris Watson and Bri Stauss Have Split

Following the breakup of Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, another Bachelor Nation couple has made their separation official. 

Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart duo Chris Watson and Bri Stauss released a joint statement with the E! News only a few hours after Clare and Dale’s split. The statement read:

“With deep admiration and respect for one another, we have decided to end our relationship and go our separate ways. We will always look back on our journey with deep fondness, and will continue to support each other both personally and professionally.”

Despite the breakup, the two seem to have further plans to continue as a duo to share their music.

“We look forward to sharing more updates with you all as we navigate our future making music together. Thank you all for your love, support and privacy.” 

They released their debut album, Chris & Bri, in May 2020 during the finale of Listen to Your Heart. They had also dropped their Christmas album, Wrapped Under the Tree, last month. 


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In May 2020, the pair of musicians had also opened up about the challenges during the beginning of their relationship while trying to record an album, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nevertheless, the two were also pretty excited to start their lives together and had even discussed marriage.

"It's definitely been a topic of discussion," Chris said. "But I'm not trying to get married tomorrow. And I know Bri isn't either. We're not trying to get married next month, but in the future, for sure."

It was a huge surprise to the viewers to learn that Bri and Chris had split ways, considering how they were exuding such good chemistry through the screen. The two had even performed for Clare and Dale’s Bachelorette date.

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