Who is Erin Shanagher From 'The Bay'?

Who is Erin Shanagher From 'The Bay'?

Erin Shanagher, a quite talented actress, is best known for her contribution to the British crime series, The Bay. In the series, she portrayed Karen Hobson and piqued the interest of many viewers.

A few of her acting credits include Casualty (this was her debut), Doctors, Holby City, and Drop Dead Gorgeous among many others. 

8 Facts About Erin Shanagher

  • While there is little to no information on Erin’s date of birth, people believe that she is in her 30s as of now.
  • Erin Shanagher is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do - she got the black belt at the mere age of 14, by the way.
  • The actress came to a major breakthrough of popularity when she appeared in the Crime drama series, The Bay, with the role of Karen Hobson - she debuted in the series with 11 episodes.
  • In The Bay, Erin appears alongside huge stars like Morven Christie, Jonas Armstrong, Imogen King, Amy James-Kelly, Chanel Cresswell, and Sharon Small, among many other talented actors.
  • Aside from The Bay, Erin is also known for her performance in Peaky Blinders, where she portrayed Mrs. Ross. People also recognize Erin from Viewpoint as she acts in it and is a producer for it as well.
  • As of recent, Erin is getting ready to showcase her acting skills in the upcoming British movie, Censor. The movie is set to release on January 29, 2021. 
  • When it comes to her social media presence, Erin is not active on Instagram. However, the actress has a Twitter account under the username @erinshanagher, if you want to know more about her.
  • Erin is British by nationality. She doesn’t reveal much about her family life.
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