Clare Crawley is Focusing on the Positive Following Her Split From Dale Moss

Clare Crawley is Focusing on the Positive Following Her Split From Dale Moss

Clare Crawley revealed that she has been in a “dark place” ever since she split from her fiance, Dale Moss.

It was on January 19 when Dale announced their breakup two months after their engagement. The announcement was news to Clare and she said, “I was made aware of a ‘mutual’ statement at the same time you all were.”

After a whole week to process the breakup, Clare opened up about how she has been going through “a lot” and trying to heal from her heartbreak, in an Instagram Live on January 29.

She went live from her home in Sacramento and shared many things.

“I was struggling pretty bad and I held it in for a long time and I think it manifested in other ways and kind of built up and was just heavy and a lot.”

“I’m getting to the point now where I’m trying really hard to come back from that and make a U-turn because it’s a dark place to be in when you’ve got a lot of stuff compiled on each other.”

The reality star further expressed how difficult it has been for her with everything and helping her mom, who has Alzheimer’s and dementia, and also dealing with anxiety amid the pandemic.

She then braved herself to be vulnerable enough to open up about having panic attacks and “the worst anxiety every single day.”

“It really got to me. I held it in and tried to be strong for so long. I am a strong person, but I tried to be that for so long that I didn’t share a lot of my struggles with anxiety… because I never wanted to be like, ‘Poor me, poor me’ or the victim of anything.”

She also revealed that she has frequent encounters with the police, who appear “every few days saying they have welfare checks on me because people are threatening to kill me.”

However, alongside all the struggles, Clare has focused on staying positive for her fans. She said two things were helping her “tremendously.” “First of all, watch the documentary ‘Heal,’ Clare said. “That made such a difference in my mindset.”

She then told people to practice gratitude every day - she has been listing 10 things she’s grateful for every morning before getting up. 

“There’s been days where it’s hard searching for gratitude. You just want to curl into a ball and cry sometimes and not get out of bed, which has been some days for me for sure. But the days that I practice gratitude, I get out of bed.” 

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