G-Eazy Wishes Best For Ex-Girlfriend Halsey and Her Coming Baby

G-Eazy Wishes Best For Ex-Girlfriend Halsey and Her Coming Baby

On January 27, 2021, Halsey surprised everyone with the announcement of her pregnancy as she posted an Instagram picture flaunting her baby bump. 

So what does G-Eazy, the singer’s ex, have to say about the good news?

Well, the rapper is wishing the best for her and her first baby with boyfriend Alev Aydin. A source close to G-Eazy revealed to E! News that he is well aware of his ex’s pregnancy and he’s happy for her.

“He knows she will make a great mom and has always wanted to be a mom.” - Source to E! News

Halsey and G-Eazy had an on-off relationship from 2017 to 2018 and called it quits for good in October 2018, when a source said, “G Eazy and Halsey were doing well until a couple of days ago when G-Eazy performed at the Karma International party in Los Angeles on Saturday and was flirting with several girls in public.”

After going their separate ways, the source revealed that the two are happy on their own.

“They have not been in touch but he’s happy that she is doing well.”

Halsey and G-Eazy have never spoken about their split in public. Halsey, on the other hand, overcame her heartbreak through her music, as she released her 2018 single, ‘Without Me.’


G-Eazy has moved on as well, having gone to dating Ashley Benson. A source revealed that the two were “inseparable.”

“They both make each other laugh all day long. G-Eazy thinks that Ashley brings him more down to earth and keeps him grounded. It’s been very healthy so far and they are in a great place.” 

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