Dale Moss Admitted That He was “shaking” After Splitting With Clare Crawley

Dale Moss Admitted That He was “shaking” After Splitting With Clare Crawley

On January 30, 2021, Dale Moss took to his Instagram live to talk about his breakup with fiancee Clare Crawley. 

Dale and Clare’s split has been very messy since Dale announced the breakup in a shocking Instagram post on January 19 and Clare revealed that it was all news to her. 

Dale took to his own Instagram where he got teary and admitted that he was “shaking” just thinking about the whole situation. 

“I talk so much with family and friends about everything that’s gone on. The situation with Clare, it’s f**king sucked, you know. And I think everyone looks for a right answer and a right way to handle these things… and there really isn’t one.”

Dale then went on to reveal that this whole period had been a learning experience for him, as “someone who’s ad to provide for everyone all the time, for friends, family, and if I was hurting, not even having an option to stop and just having to keep going for everyone else. And trying to move forward each and every day.” 

The 32-year-old reality star then recalled wanting to be with someone pretty badly, but some things weren’t meant to last.

“I got so numb, I just f**king cold and numb to feeling where nothing would phase me, and I remember sitting and praying like, I just want to feel again, I want to fight again, I’m tired of going through things, you know being alone. And then, you have these ideas for how things are supposed to go, what you’ll stand for, what you’ll put up with, what you want out of a relationship, what you want out of love. And when you really fall that s**t goes out the f**king window.”

Dale continued to say that everyone goes through it all that it is okay that you can’t do everything and you can’t be everything for everybody. He didn’t address the infidelity rumors but he did admit to his past mistakes (he did not disclose the mistakes).

“I’m man enough to understand and realize (the) mistakes that I’ve done. Trying to put pride aside, pray more and just try to make the best decisions now moving forward… it takes time.”

Before ending the Instagram live, Dale expressed his thanks to his fans for their love and support as he said, “not only to myself… also to Clare. I know she has been f**king going through it, and whatever the case, I know that we will figure this out together whatever it is.”

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