Everything To Know About Darcey Silva

Get to know the new TLC star better!

Everything To Know About Darcey Silva

90 Day’s Fiancé, an American reality television series on TLC, might sound quite familiar to the viewers, and Darcey Silva is not to be miss out. Darcey is the person who should be thanked for making the show interesting to watch for the viewers. From the show, she also proved that giving love a chance could be best for us.

Although in the case of Darcey the things did not go exactly the way she wanted -- her on-screen adventures encouraged her to take a chance in love.

Well, what also made Darcey popular among the fans is her dating status with a younger guy.

Here learn all about Darcey briefly as this article is clearly expressed pithily from Darcy’s professional to personal life!

Darcey Silva’s Background Information

Darcey Silva was born on 23rd September 1974 to parents Nancy Silva and Mike Silva. Coming from hometown Middletown, Connecticut, the United States has a twin sister named Stacey Silva. She also had a brother named Michael Silva Jr., who died from cancer on 11th July 1998.

Darcey’s twin sister is relatively lesser known than Darcey; however, Stacey has also appeared on-screen with her twin on Darcey & Stacey.

Darcey and Stacey have also partnered to launch various clothing lines and ventures.

Her Journey At 90 Day Fiancé 

90 Day Fiancé is a reality television series which follows people who are not an American citizen and have a K-1 visa are given 90 days to decided to marry the partner of American citizenship.

With the following condition, Darcey was more willing to try her luck on the given platform. 

First luck With Jesse Meester

Darcy and Jesse, both from Netherland, met in the show and ignited a romance. Jesse is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, actor, personal trainer, and psychologist. 

Their relationship seemed like it was made in heaven; however, there was so much to raise eyebrows for; Darcey and Jesse had almost twenty years of age differences. 

The factor alone made Darcey and Jesse the center of attention, and things between them went smoothly. 

While everyone was awwing at Darcey and Jesse, things slowly started to turn sour between them. In the mid of 2018, the couple finally decided to part their ways. 

Darcey Took A Chance With Tom Brooks

Following Darcey’s split with Jesse, she did not give up and participated in another season of 90 Day’s Fiance: Before The 90 Days. This time around, Darcey came across Tom Brooks, and with his, it seemed there was no end to the love they shared. 

Darcey and Tom communicated through the internet before they met in reality, and Darcey soon took a flight to England to met Tom. 

However, after meeting with Tom, things did not go as she anticipated due to a lack of communication. Despite Tom’s busy schedule, Darcey made several efforts to make their relationship work, but her work proved futile, bringing their relationship to an end. 

Found Love Again?

Darcey’s relationship chart showed her failed relationship with Jesse and Tom, and after a major heartbreak, she might be taking things slow. 

Well, it is not the case as hot tub video calls, and massages are things to go by, and Darcey is slowly slipping in love with none other than Bulgarian hunk Georgi Rusev. 

Darcey first met Georgi on social media and also went on a Super Bowl date in Miami. 

Certainly, Georgi gave Darcey butterflies with his charming personality but did it mean Darcey has finally found Mr. Right? To find the answer, we have to wait and see; stay tuned with the show to unveil the answer! a

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