Eleonora Srugo Has Denied The Accusations from Clare Crawley

Eleonora Srugo Has Denied The Accusations from Clare Crawley

Eleonora Srugo has been taking the internet by storm with her name after Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ breakup. Why, you ask? Well, Dale had been cheating on Clare, and according to her, he was seeing Eleonora during the time they were engaged.

So, who is Eleonora Srugo?

8 Facts About Eleonora Srugo

  • Eleonora Srugo was born and raised in SoHo, New York - she currently resides in Greenwich Village, New York.
  • For her education, she went to Boston University Questrom School of Business.
  • Eleonora is a New York-based realtor who is also an expert in new development representation. As an entrepreneur, she often shares her expertise on social media.
  • She has gained quite some attention ever since Clare Crawley called her Dale Moss’ “side-chick,” accusing Eleonora of being with her ex-fiance when the two were still engaged.
  • On the other hand, Eleonora has denied all of the accusations and defended herself by stating that she and Dale were only friends according to The Sun.
  • Eleonora and Dale met in 2019 during the time when Dale and Clare were engaged.
  • Eleonora is active on Instagram under the username @eleonorasrugo with 23.2K followers. Her bio states that she has ranked #13 as a Producing Real Real Estate Agent in New York City. She has put her Instagram account on private ever since being accused of being involved with Dale Moss.
  • According to her Instagram bio, Eleonora is also a mentoring program founder and professional developer for Public School students.
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