Ella Greenwood: The Person Behind Faulty Roots

Ella Greenwood: The Person Behind Faulty Roots

Ella Greenwood is an English actress, director, and writer, who is best known for creating the movie, Faulty Roots. She is a huge advocate of mental health and often writes her pieces on the theme of the topic to spread more awareness and remove the stigma that revolves around it.

Ella Greenwood’s Bio

Ella Greenwood was born on April 30, 2001. She grew up in North London alongside her siblings, Tegan Greenwood - Ella was homeschooled from the age of 13. 

The 19-year-old actress and writer went to the National Youth Theatre, to receive acting training.

Ella Is A Huge Advocate of Mental Health

Ella is openly advocating about mental health and its awareness at the mere age of 19. Her London based production company, Broken Flames Productions, is always focusing on mental health projects. She was also featured by Jejune Magazine for ‘Writing The Script On Mental Health.’

Ella is the ambassador for leading teen mental health charity stem4, with Screen International Star of Tomorrow Rosie Day and BAFTA-winning actress Georgina Campbell. With her immense contribution and support for raising awareness on the topic, Ella was also named Positive Female Role Model of the Year at the Darkus Magazine 2020 Awards.

Ella Greenwood’s Career

Ever since she got signed with an agent as a young child, Ella has been contributing to the acting industry without break - she played the lead character in the movies, In Front of You and Before Nightfall. 

At the mere age of 18, Ella produced and directed her very first short film, Faulty Roots, which followed the theme of mental health awareness in teenagers. Faulty Roots did very well, screening in several film festivals like BAFTA accredited Bolton International Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival (it won an award there), and Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival.

The film received five stars from The Fan Carpet, as the UK Film Review calling it ‘a rather powerful little story, told with care and genuine affection for its characters.’ Later, it was announced that Faulty Roots would be developed into a feature film - Deadline revealed that Melanie Walters and Kayleigh-Paige Rees would play the lead roles. 

Ella’s first animation, Dreary Days, premiered at Enimation Film Festival. Then, she co-produced her film, Self-Charm, with Tallulah Films - Self-Charm was also a film revolving around mental health, that gave Bukky Bakray, the star of Rocks, as the lead.


  • Ella is a big fan of horror films - one of her favorite directors is Mike Flanagan.
  • She has an Instagram account under the username @popsella.
  • Ella has also contributed as a voice-over actor - her credits in voice narration include books for Audible/Amazon and a key character in the American series, Crypto-Z.
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