Lewis Tan Is Cole Young In ‘Mortal Combat’ | Here’s Everything About The Actor

Lewis Tan Is Cole Young In ‘Mortal Combat’ | Here’s Everything About The Actor

Lewis Tan is best known for his cameo appearance as high-octane mutant Shatterstar in Deadpool 2 (2018), Lu Xin Lee in Wu Assassins (2019), and Gaius Chau in Into The Badlands (2018-2019). 

He also guest-starred as Zhou Cheng in Marvel’s Iron Fist, which caught the eyes of action aficionados. 

As of now, Lewis’ fans are excited to see cast as the lead role in the much-hyped Mortal Kombat (2021). 

Although he rose to prominence with action-oriented roles with Mortal Kombat, he has cemented his status as a bonafide superstar. In this article, we tried to unveil information we know about the new character Cole Young. 

A British Nationale 

Lewis Tan is a native of Salford, England, and is the son of Philip Tan and Joanne. His father is of Chinese descent from Singapore and is a martial artist, actor, and stunt coordinator, and his mother is a retired British fashion model from the UK. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1989 after his father was hired as a fight coordinator for Tim Burton's film Batman. 

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Lewis identifies himself as half-Chinese, half-British, and is the eldest of four brothers; Sam Tan,  Evan Tan, and Ben Tan. His younger brother Sam is also an actor, and another brother Evan is a photographer based in LA. Evan’s work has been featured on songs from artists like Kali Uchis and Zack Villere.

Lewis, 34, stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters). 

Lewis Tan’s Martial Art Background 

Born to a martial artist Philip Tan, Lewis has been training martial arts from a young age. Moreover, he studied performing arts with coach John Kirby and trained in theatre as a young teen, leading many plays. 

Due to his martial art background was cast in series like Wu Assassins and Into the Badlands. During an interview with Fortress of Solitude, Lewis said, 

It was a tricky one to play because of the pressure. You know, playing a new character in such a beloved franchise on my shoulder, you know. But thankfully, you know I think my martial arts background and what I can bring to the character authentically with my martial arts skills I think is a big… is a huge bonus to give it an authenticity, and I am happy to do that. 

Cole Young In Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, which has bring back characters like Raiden, Liu Kand, and Sub-Zero to the big screen, has also introduced a new character Cole Young portrayed by former MMA champion Lewis Tan. 

Never-before-seen character Cole is a descendent of Hanzo Hasahi / Scorpion. To be in character, Tan took inspiration from an actual MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal. In Mortal Kombat, Lewis also mimics Jorge's moves (Jorge leaned before delivering the fastest knockout in UFC history against Ben Askren.) and leans against the cage. 

On the other hand, Jorge was flattered with his move and tweeted, saying, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery."

Net Worth

As per Stars offline, Lewis Tan has an estimated net worth of $2 million. 

Rumored To Be Gay

Lewis’notable role in Deadpool 2 was a bisexual X-Force member, Shatterstar. His role became the leading reason for the gay rumors. He also spoke proudly for gay rights. 

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However, the rumor turns out to be baseless, and we must applause his acting excellence. 

Moreover, Lewis is also not linked with a possible girlfriend or wife. For now, he must be focused on making his career as an actor. 

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