Marrying Millions: Rick Sykes & Erica Moser Have A Huge Age Gap

Marrying Millions: Rick Sykes & Erica Moser Have A Huge Age Gap

 "Marrying Millions" is all about worlds colliding.

Millionaire Rick Sykes and his partner Erica Moser was another couple introduced on screen. The couple not only have a huge age difference but are also from very different backgrounds. Rick spent his life living on a yacht in Miami Beach, Florida, whereas Erica hailed from Springfield, Illinois, a self-proclaimed midwesterner. 

In this piece, learn about the millionaire’s lifestyle, girlfriend, and also about his wiki. 

Rick Sykes’ 46 Years Younger Girlfriend

Rick Sykes and his girlfriend Erica Moser, 24, are one of the couples who made an entry in the 2nd installment of the show Marrying Millions. 

Rick and Erica first met on social media, and Rick asked her to move with him on his yacht after liking some of her pictures. However, Erica was hesitant to accept his offer at the beginning. Eventually, after their back and forth, she moved in with him, and then the couple elevated their romance by appearing in the show. 


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Also, Erica’s family and friends were hesitant to accept their relationship due to their vast age gap. Erica’s father was against their relationship after knowing Rick was older than him. 

Whatsoever, Rick and Erica did not leave each other’s side and flaunted each other on their respective social media account. 

The couple is still together and is near to tying nuptials. Rick wanted their wedding to be at a Miami mansion, and Erica wanted it to be in Illinois. 

Whatever their decision would be, their wedding would be very grand and featured on the Marrying Millions. 


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