Meet Ryan Bernard from 'Buried by the Bernards'

Meet Ryan Bernard from 'Buried by the Bernards'

Ryan Bernard stars on the latest Netflix series, Buried By The Bernards. The series follows the Bernards and the way they manage their family-run funeral home, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Let’s get to know Ryan with the facts below.

8 Facts About Ryan Bernard

  • Ryan Bernard was born on December 11, 1975, as a Saggitarius for his zodiac sign.
  • He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Not many details are available on Ryan’s family background but his mother Debbie and uncle Kevin appear in the Netflix show as main cast members.
  • Ryan is the founder of R. Bernard Funeral Services. Having started the business in 2017, he wants his family to carry the legacy. He basically renovated an old bank building into a funeral and cremation house, maintaining the “old traditional funeral stuff” and also adding new stuff.
  • Ryan and his family made it to Netflix after their TV advert went viral in 2018. The first time the Bernard family made it to TV was on a 2017 episode of the Steve Harvey Show for their drive-thru window viewings. The commercial showed a dead body rising from a coffin to simply complain about the funeral costs. (Please, this is so funny)
  • This advertisement caught the attention of a producer which led to Buried by the Bernards. At first, the family did not want to do the show but they changed their minds when the producers said, “Hey, we’re going to make this into a comedy - your uncle Kevin and your mom. This is going to be a comedy, and we’re going to focus it on the family and not the business.” This was the instant turn-around for the Bernard family.

“We thought that was a great idea, so we just went with it because this is us every day.” - Ryan Bernard

  • You can find Ryan on Instagram under the username @ryan_bernard1210.
  • Ryan has two daughters, Raegan (age 18) and Deja (age 25) both from different mothers. It is not clear if any of his daughters’ moms were his wives. In fact, Ryan’s daughters did not grow up together because Ryan only learned of Deja’s existence when she was 15.
  • When Raegen was a fourth-grader, Deja’s mother called to tell her that she had an older sister. Reagan also has an older brother named Kevin. (It is not reported if Kevin is Ryan’s son) The Bernard siblings have been maintaining a loving bond.
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