Priscilla Tuft Has Been Supporting Gabbi Alon Tuft Throughout Her Transition

Priscilla Tuft Has Been Supporting Gabbi Alon Tuft Throughout Her Transition

When former WWE champion, Gabe Alon Tuft, and now Gabbi Alon Tuft, came out as transgender on Thursday, her statement caught the eyes of many when she wrote, “My loving wife, family, and closest friends have accepted me for who I am.” 

So, who is Gabbi’s ever-supporting wife, Priscilla Tuft? Let’s get to know her more!

Facts About Priscilla Tuft

  1. According to a page bio on Priscilla, she was born on April 23, 1981. 
  2. She grew up in Portland Oregon and her close ones call her by the nickname, ‘Priscilla Victoria.’
  3. Priscilla’s maiden name is Ingram.
  4. Her parents were married for 50 years before going their separate ways in 2019.
  5. When it comes to siblings, Priscilla describes her elder sister, Tabitha Giacomara, as “the essence of valor, power, and spiritual prowess.”
  6. Priscilla is active in the social media world with 12.3K followers on Instagram as of February 2021.
  7. For her education, Priscilla graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from SDCU in 2014. A year prior to her education, she joined the Masters Sports Nutrition program at the National Academy of Sports Nutrition.
  8. She is a fitness model, bodybuilder, actress, and WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor.
  9. Priscilla runs Body Spartan Inc. - she co-founded the company in January 2013.
  10. The fitness model has contributed as the vice president of marketing at LocalMarketing 2.0. She also put four years into the role of being a CEO at Xclusive Fitness, and as a partner and marketing communication manager at Xclusiv Development, for a year.
  11. Priscilla is also an author who has written two eBooks and one audio-book.
  12. She has gotten international fitness modelling contracts in different print, commercial and films after appearing in national fitness competitions.
  13. Priscilla has also been awarded a number of competitive titles, including Miss Fitness America Hollywood California, Miss Model America, and Miss Max Muscle.

Priscilla's Relationship With Gabbi Tuft

Priscilla has been married to Gabbi since July 2002. Gabbi has been her only partner, ever, according to Priscilla.

“We actually don’t have partners outside of the relationship at all. I was a virgin when we got married 18 and a half years ago — we had never kissed. Our first kiss was on our wedding day.” - Priscilla Tuft

Priscilla and their 9-year-old daughter, Mia, have stayed by Gabbi’s side throughout her transition.


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Gabbi shared one of the sweet moments with her daughter, “It’s an ongoing conversation… I told her, ‘Sweetheart, I’m not going to go out in public right now and go outside,’ and she goes, ‘Why, daddy?’ ‘I’m afraid that people might make fun of me and it might affect you,’ and she leans over gives me the biggest hug and she says, ‘Daddy, I will never make fun of you.’”

Priscilla has also been supporting Gabbi through everything. Gabbi shared a teaser clip from her upcoming interview with Extra where she is seen speaking about how the transition has affected her relationship with Priscilla.

“It’s been a very interesting progression. Our intimate life has changed quite a bit. We’re not active in that way right now, but what we’ve discovered is a whole different part of our relationship.” - Gabbi Tuft

On Wednesday, Gabbi posted a heartfelt tribute to wife Priscilla as she wrote, “Our love has crossed many lifetimes. We have fought battles to reach each other… and in other lives to break away from each other. We have waged wars in the name of our love, lost our own life or lives defending it, and been separated by insurmountable distances and odds. Somehow though, in every life, we find each other and our physical and ethereal bodies unite as one soul, as it was meant to be. I love you P, until my dying breath...and then I will find you again.”

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