Shantel Shows off Her Humongous Diamond Ring on Instagram

Is she engaged?

Shantel Shows off Her Humongous Diamond Ring on Instagram

Established American model Shantel Jackson is darling to many people. She has also set a journey to start her own clothing line named "Fanci Goods" where she sells s magnetic lashes, makeup tools, and accessories. 

Shantel was in the limelight for a long time painting her love life with Floyd Mayweather -- now calls "ex."

Now, Jackson is relishing her love life with Nelly and has again gained media attention as she has hinted engagement showing of a gigantic ring. 

Stay put with this article as we layer down all the info on Shantel's present and past relationship!

Is Shantel Jackson Engaged To Her Longtime Boyfriend Nelly?

Shantel Jackson has always been in a limelight because of her blossoming relationship with Nelly whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.


Thank you #Motown60 ..!!! Dope night..!! Congrats to @smokeyrobinson and #BerryGordy

A post shared by NELLY (@nelly) on Nov 12, 2019 at 9:38am PST

Shantel has never failed to amaze her fans and followers and recently she did it again by flaunting a gigantic diamond ring on her Instagram post. As her fans are swooning over her gigantic ring they also could not resist their curiosity for the ring and were soon to comment on her post.

On the comment, one of her fans revealed her thoughts on thinking her post as her engagement revelation and was ready to scream in excitement for her new journey. 

Another fan acknowledged her gigantic ring to be bigger than her life and the other one said she ain’t undercover with that big ring.

That was not the only time fans and followers made an assumption on Shantel’s engagement as she previously posted a video trying a ring for herself. 

One time Shantel and Nelly posted a cryptic message saying being in love forever which made people believe in their engagement. 

Although Shantel’s posts made big fuss stories of her engagement -- the couple never confirmed nor addressed the rumors. So far, the couple are still in a romantic relationship but not married nor engaged!

Sneak Peak On Shantel Love Life

Shantel and Nelly first met in 2014 through a mutual friend. However, the couple did not hurry to start a romantic relationship. Shantel and Nelly first developed a good friendship between them and learned more about each other. 

Their genuine friendship took a new turn eventually blooming a romance between them. While they were relishing their dating life, in 2017, the couple went through a rough patch after Nelly was involved in a rape allegation. 

Due to the rape allegation, Nelly was facing people assumed that Shantel would end their relationship but in the contradictory Shantel stood by Nelly’s side until the wave of heat was over. The allegation did not sink their boat but showed the loyalty and love of Shantel for Nelly. 

Even after the thick and thin Shantel and Nelly have continued showering each other with undying love and often shares their cozy and full of love moment with their fans on their social media account respectively.

For now, the couple is yet to ring the wedding bell!

Messy Break Up With Floyd Mayweather Before Nelly

Both Shantel and Nelly were engaged in a relationship with other people. Shantel was engaged to professional boxing champion Floyd Mayweather but Nelly’s relationship details are kept private but have fathered to two children. 

Shantel was in love between 2006 to 2014 with Floyd and was also engaged. Sadly, their relationship was struck by catastrophe and came to a halt while they were on a verge of becoming a husband and a wife. 

Fans and followers of Shantel and Floyd were left to guess the reason behind their breakup until Floyd accused Shantel claiming she aborted their twin babies. On the other hand, Shantel also filed a lawsuit against Floyd accusing him of humiliating, assault, battery, harassment, and even stealing from her in 2014.

Shantel had a messy breakup with Floyd and their case had been pending with both sides preparing for trial. 

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