What's Sasha Grey Doing Since Her Retirement? Plus Her New Show

What's Sasha Grey Doing Since Her Retirement? Plus Her New Show

To clear the air, I’m sure Sasha Grey doesn’t need much introduction. She’s an accomplished artist who started her career in showbiz as an adult actress and pretty much nailed it, literally.

Yes, there’s no denying that her early years' performance was over the top and one of a kind. But in 2011, she declared her retirement from the adult industry in quite a different way. Not in a fashion where performers reveal the shady truth of the adult business inner workings or by having some sort of wake-up call. Her statement on Facebook in 2011 made it clear that she was pursuing other art ventures instead, 

 “With the way social media has progressed, a lot of personalization has been lost. The purpose of this is to address the elephant in the room and to thank all of you. It’s become quite evident that my time as an adult film performer has expired. Don’t worry, I haven’t found Jesus.”

Alongside this statement, she also talked about her debut as an author from the book Neu Sex. And interestingly, even though she announced her retirement in 2011, she had already stopped shooting adult videos since 2009.

The same year, Sasha was cast in the feature film The Girlfriend Experience(2009), directed by Steven Soderbergh.

And all of this was just a start since she was on the way to carving her name on various aspects of art and music later on.

Life After Retirement: Acting, Music, Writing, Streaming

The year Sasha retired, she was featured in the music video for Eminem’s track Spacebound. And in 2014, she was cast alongside Elijah Wood in the suspense thriller Open Windows, but the movie couldn’t really create much buzz like several other movies she acted in.

However, she experimented with music by working with a telecine musical group and contributed her vocal tracks to other groups like Infected Mushroom and Death In Vegas. In case you didn’t know, the track Consequences Of Love by the later band (where Sasha lent her vocal) was featured in Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible: Fallout(2018) in the disco scene.

Also, Sasha is a professional DJ and author of another book titled Juliette Society.

What’s Sasha Grey Doing These Days?

Today, Sasha is a Twitch streamer and host of a show called Grey Area. Co-hosted with @DUMBFOUNDEAD, her show involves intimate conversations with various people and top-tier experts concerning relationships, modern love, social media, and more.

Recently, fellow comedian Russel Peters was a guest on her show. Grey Area can be viewed through a 24/7 streaming television network called Venn.

Some Interesting Facts On Sasha Grey:

  1. Sasha is a cinephile, and her favorite movie is François Truffaut’s 1962 film titled  Jules and Jim. She disclosed it through her Instagram stories.
  2. She is a close friend of artist David Choe who is also one of the shareholders of Facebook.
  3. In 2009, the actress appeared in James Gunn’s (director of Guardians Of The Galaxy) web series episode titled James Gunn’s PG.
  4. She considers herself an existentialist, someone who believes that a person determines his life through his own act of will.
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