Shawn Johnson Didn't Plan To Have a Baby This Year! Know Why

Shawn Johnson Didn't Plan To Have a Baby This Year! Know Why

After announcing her second pregnancy two weeks ago, Shawn Johnson East reveals that she wasn’t expecting to have a baby this year. Why?

The gymnast had a whole plan set out for her summer vacation. She had signed a contract to spend a few weeks in Tokyo to offer her commentary on the Olympic Games, like when she had in London in 2012 and Rio in 2016. But, life had different plans for her.

While Shawn and her husband, Andrew East, had made up their minds to give their daughter, Drew, a sibling close in age, they weren’t expecting it to happen so soon.

“We said we would start trying around a year thinking it would take at least a year. So this was a shock. We did not think it would happen this fast or we would be dealing with this, this soon.” - Shawn Johnson to E! News

This led to changes to Shawn’s work schedule, as she explained, “Our due date is technically the opening ceremonies. So I don’t think we’ll be there.” However, the unplanned news couldn’t make Shawn and Andrew happier.

“We kinda just have the mindset of we are people who love our sleep and love our routine and love just having some stability in life. And we’re like, why not just knock this out and go through it all right now instead of getting comfortable and then going through it again?”

On top of that, the couple is excited to see their “very sassy, very opinionated” daughter take the role of a big sis.

“I don’t have siblings. Andrew has four and they’re all very close together. I love seeing that bond that they have, so it was kind of a dream of mine to have kids pretty decently close so they could grow up together and be pretty close.” - Shawn Johnson