Who is Brittany DeJesus? Know More About Briana DeJesus' Sister

Who is Brittany DeJesus? Know More About Briana DeJesus' Sister

Anyone who watches Teen Mom will know that season two of the show dropped a brand-new special on January 19, 2021. The special was titled Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret which documented Briana DeJesus’ family affairs. 

Alongside Briana DeJesus, people are more curious about her sister, Brittany DeJesus as well. Scroll down below to learn stories surrounding the life of Brittany DeJesus.

9 Facts About Brittany DeJesus

  • Brittany DeJesus was born on February 15, 1992.
  • Brittany and her sister, Briana, were raised by their mother, Roxanne DeJesus - their mum was a single parent.
  • It was in 2016 when the siblings learned that they did not share the same father as Brittany’s dad passed away when she was just a toddler. Their mum kept it a secret for a long time.
  • After finding out about her father, Brittany has shared a picture with her father on Father’s day.
  • Brittany is a social media star who has a huge Instagram influence as well. As of January 2021, Brittany has 337K followers on Instagram as she actively posts creative content.
  • She often promotes huge brands on her social media and gives reviews on the said products.
  • Brittany is currently dating - there is no information about her boyfriend but she has posted a picture with him.
  • She has tweeted several times about things her boyfriend has done for her. She wrote, “I miss sleeping next to my boyfriend,” on her Twitter on December 15, 2020. In addition to that, the social media star has tweeted other gushing statements like, “My boyfriend is one of the funniest people I know and he cheers me up without even knowing or trying Revolving heart,” and even “I have the best boyfriend! He got me a professional makeup vanity with adjustable lights and I couldn’t be more excited to do my makeup.”
  • Brittany is also a huge fan of the world’s biggest band, BTS. As a BTS army, she posts about them quite often on her social media. 

Brittany DeJesus posts a moment of BTS leader, Kim Namjoon's speech during their Love Yourself world tour

  • Aside from BTS, Brittany is also a fan of the KPOP group, GOT7, and has attended several of their concerts.
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