“Who Is Salomé Robert-Murphy? | ‘The Self Series’ Creator Is Already Stealing Hearts.”

“Who Is Salomé Robert-Murphy? | ‘The Self Series’ Creator Is Already Stealing Hearts.”

Salomé Robert-Murphy is an actor from London, the UK, now based in New York City. She has recently graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama, where she studied at the notable Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and Stonestreet Studios. 

While Robert is regularly booking new roles, she is yet frustrated with the lack of opportunities amidst the pandemic and determined to further her career. The nature of work nature as an actor means a lot of time off and in between projects, and Salomé was so eager to fill these off days with productivity that it brought her to create The Self Series, a platform for fellow up and coming actors to be constantly creating new content. 

Salomé tells us,

“with the lack of productions right now, we can’t be waiting for gigs to come to us. The Self Series aims to make content for ourselves by ourselves. In writing for ourselves, we can create the most real characters because we know what strengths we can play and what experiences we can draw from.” 

Having grown up with two actor grandparents, Salomé has been exposed to theatre and film her entire life and knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue the same path. In London, she trained as an actor for several years and attended a performing arts high school before getting into Tisch and moving to New York City. 

“I have worked with and befriended so many actors throughout my training years who all are confronted with the same challenge of graduating at such an unfortunate time. I reached out to my friends back home about The Self Series, and they were so excited to be involved.”

With the world becoming reliant on technology, Salomé could bring together international artists into a single platform. 

The young actress loved getting to work with and learn from her former classmates, and she strived to maintain these relationships in the real world. She shares that 

“The Self Series is not only a fun opportunity to work with new and old collaborators, but it also allows us to keep up our training and showcase our work.” 

Some Interesting Facts

  • Salomé stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). 
  • She has a sister named Lou Murphy, a musician, and a brother named Joseph Robert-Murphy. 
“Who Is Salomé Robert-Murphy? | ‘The Self Series’ Creator Is Already Stealing Hearts.”
Salomé Robert-Murphy with her siblings. Salomé/Instagram
  • Salomé is currently in a relationship with YouTuber Zack Travis.
 Salomé Robert-Murphy and Zack Travis.  Salomé/Instagram.
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