"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Actor Kang Tae Oh's commercial for the subway, which is "disappointing," goes viral’’

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Actor Kang Tae Oh's commercial for the subway, which is "disappointing," goes viral’’

It's likely that you are familiar with Kang Tae Oh unless you have been living under a rock.

Thanks to ENA's Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the once-unknown actor has since become a household figure among K-Drama viewers. Kang Tae Oh has quickly become one of Korea's most in-demand performers as a result of the drama's success.

Kang Tae Oh, who portrayed lawyer Lee Jun Ho in the drama, had a lot of iconic sequences. However, if you polled the audience, many would agree that the moment where he and Woo Young Woo arrive late for work is the most memorable.

Woo Young Woo in the scene asks Lee Jun Ho, played by Kang Tae Oh, if she may touch him so that she could be certain of her emotions toward him. Fans were moved by Lee Jun Ho's response to Woo Young Woo's request.

Do you have to touch me to be sure? Then does that mean your heart doesn’t beat faster when we aren’t touching? Even when we are together? How disappointing.

— Lee Jun Ho

Here's some crucial background information. How disappointing, which was the final word, has since gone viral and established itself as the drama's signature phrase. The pronunciation of "How disappointing" in Korean is "Sub-sub han daeyo?" Now for some even more crucial information. "Sub-sub" is slang for unsatisfactory.

Fans of the actor recognized a chance with Subway that held a lot of promise for going viral. The sandwich chain used the actor in a commercial after fans begged them to, and it succeeded!

An almost two-minute-long commercial for Subway was released on their YouTube channel on September 1. In the commercial, Lee Jun Ho, who utters the catchphrase, is one of the characters played by Kang Tae Oh.

Over 200K people have watched the video in less than a day since it became popular. In the comments section, viewers endorsed the commercial.

  • “I can’t believe there are five Kang Tae Ohs! What an amazing commercial. I’d like to ask the people working at Subway, that made this happen, to which direction should I bow? Alright, Tae Oh, you acting genius, leave us with a lot of footage, even if they are commercials so that I can watch them while I wait for you.”
  • “This commercial has the looks and the hype! Kang Tae Oh is so good at inventing characters. The only thing I am sad about is that this came out after you announced your enlistment date. Hurry up and come back!”
  • “This Subway commercial is so charming! Kang Tae Oh is so cute! He has a unique charm!”
  • “This is the best Subway commercial ever! It succeeded in bringing out the best of both Subway and the actor!”
  • “This commercial hits differently! I can’t believe we can see five versions of Kang Tae Oh. Why am I keep watching a commercial?”
  • “This is the first time that I’ve watched the same commercial hundreds of times… Everything about the commercial is perfect! From now on, my lunch will always be Subway!
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