Facts about Jaron The Secret aka Jaron Adkison, Erykah Badu's Boyfriend: Are they Engaged?

Facts about Jaron The Secret aka Jaron Adkison, Erykah Badu's Boyfriend: Are they Engaged?

Erykah Badu, an American musician and songwriter, became the topic of the town after revealing her "guy" on Instagram on December 4. She posted a photo of her partner, who seemed to be madly in love with Jaron Adkison, aka Jaron The Secret.

Badu introduced Adkison as her boyfriend and shared a few candid photos of the two of them at their house. Jaron and Erykah have been tagging each other in social media postings even before the singer made their romance public.

They were also spotted sporting identical nontraditional bands on their fingers in one of the images, sparking suspicions that they are engaged!! Let's get to know Erykah's boyfriend!

Facts about Jaron The Secret aka Jaron Adkison


  • Erykah Badu's lover is a well-known artist and novelist who goes by the stage name Jaron the Secret.
  • He is said to be 27 years old, with no information on his date of birth, parents, or educational history.
  • According to reports, he began his work as a designer when he was 11 years old.
  • He was also the FOH at the church and has completed his high school education.
  • With the support of his father and mentors, Adkison learned pieces, structures, sound projects, and instruments, and when he was 17, he constructed a PC for his music-making.


  • His father and brother also assisted him in obtaining the remaining equipment so that he could begin producing, recording, and designing.
  • According to reports, Erykah Badu and JaRon Adkison are 23 years apart in age.

Social media presence of JaRon The Secret


Jaron The Secret Adkison has 14.7k Instagram followers and 58 posts to date under the handle @jaronthesecret. where you can see photos of Jaron as well as sneak peeks at some of his future videos

Erykah Badu's retorts to critics of her age


Even though Erykah Badu's admirers were ecstatic to read her post and showered her with love and blessings in the comments, Erykah Badu isn't sure why writers feel the need to include her age in most stories about her.

Following her formal announcement of her relationship with Jaron Adkison, various websites published gossip pieces on their age discrepancies.

Badu is 50 years old and Adkison is 27 years old, according to reports. Fans understandably had concerns about how they're able to maintain such a solid friendship even though they are 23 years apart in age.


When people started making a big deal about the age gap, the legendary singer responded with a tweet, wondering why people always feel the need to mention her age (and the age of other women over thirty) when articles are published about them.

"Why every time there is an article about women over 30 the journalist mentions the age?" she asked. "Erykah Badu', 50 does the splits... e. Badu 50, had feelings...' It ain't my birthday or death day. So, what does this MEAN?"

Unfortunately, Badu isn't the first celebrity lady who has had to deal with this for years, and she won't be the last.