Influencer Niece Waidhofer Took Her Own Life | Ended Her Long Battle with Mental Health Issues At 31

Influencer Niece Waidhofer Took Her Own Life | Ended Her Long Battle with Mental Health Issues At 31

Niece Waidhofer is praised as having a caring, sensitive, creative, and lovely soul. Given that she passed away at such a young age, saying farewell to her family, friends, and supporters is hard.

The influencer Niece Waidhofer passed away more than two weeks ago. But after TMZ published an obituary, news of her passing only recently spread online.

Model and social media influencer niece Waidhofer frequently discussed mental health and offered support to her followers who were in need. But according to TMZ, she killed herself and died as a result.

She allegedly had mental health problems for a long period, according to the news source. However, she was meticulous in her work. According to her relatives, the 31-year-old influencer was proud of the fact that she took the majority of her own photos and wrote every one of her Instagram posts.

After she didn't reply to them, her relatives became worried about her. In order to check on her at her residence in the Houston area, they called law enforcement last month. The family first learned of her passing at that point.

After she deleted all of her images from her page and only left three of them, her fans began to worry about her safety. Her activities warranted worry because she had 4.2 million Instagram followers and they were suspicious. In the days leading up to her death, she deleted her Instagram posts.

Upon the news of her death, on social media, followers quickly expressed their condolences.

'She was one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram,' one person wrote. 'Mental health is super important. More than you can possibly fathom.'

Another noted how Waidhofer often worked to help her followers through their mental health struggles while struggling herself.

'The strong ones who offer to help and advise also need help and advice,' the use wrote, before adding, 'Life is happening to everyone. Rest In Peace.

Another added: 'Do ur [sic] best to surround urself [sic] with people who are genuine with u [sic]. this should have been noticed long ago. RIP to her.' 

Was Niece Waidhofer Engaged Before She Died?

In 2015, niece Waidhofer posted a stunning photo on Instagram to announce her engagement. They appear to be really in love in the photo, despite the fact that there is no information on her fiance or his whereabouts in 2022.

Influencer Niece Waidhofer Took Her Own Life | Ended Her Long Battle with Mental Health Issues At 31

With the exception of a few photos near to her heart, her Instagram could be perceived to be clean. She seemed to be with one of them, the person she loved. The picture of the two people appearing to embrace one other has a lovely message. The photo was taken in 2015, on the day that she was asked to marry the man she loved.

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