Is Andrea Canning Pregnant In 2022? 6 Kids & Their Age Gap

Is Andrea Canning Pregnant In 2022? 6 Kids & Their Age Gap

Andrea Canning, a Dateline correspondent, is the mother of six children (five daughters and one son). Netizens speculate that she is expecting a second child.

Andrea a correspondent for the network's Dateline show was born and raised in the province of Ontario in Canada.

He or she studied radio and television arts at Ryerson Polytechnic University, while she studied psychology at the University of Western Ontario.

Andrea Canning Is Married To Tony Bancroft 

Is Andrea Canning Pregnant In 2022? 6 Kids & Their Age Gap
Andrea Canning and her husband Tony Bancroft. Andrea/Instagram

Tony Bancroft, Andrea Canning's husband, is a financial analyst and former fighter pilot currently serving in the reserves of the United States Marine Corps.

Tony routinely sends his family, whom he considers his entire universe, lovely images.

On their Instagram personal profile, you may learn more about the family. The couple married in 2008 and are happy with their current situation.

We wish the family a lifetime of happiness.

Is Andrea Canning Pregnant? Baby Bump Rumor 

Following her recent appearance on Dateline, there is speculation that Andrea Canning is expecting another child. Fans are stunned if she is having another child because she is already a mother to six children.

Furthermore, her tummy was somewhat bulging out in the image she posted just two hours earlier, prompting others to believe it was her baby bump.

In her blue floral dress, she looked just stunning. During her last trimester, the Dateline journalist never revealed her pregnancy news.

As a result, if she is pregnant as well, we will not know for several months. And if she isn't, she will almost certainly dispute the tale as soon as she can.

In vitro fertilization was used to conceive their youngest kid, Canning told The operation resulted in one male embryo for the couple, and she cried, "It worked!"

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Canning said that her daughters are excited about having a new brother, and they can't wait to meet him.

"They're a little surprised because they're used to all these girls," she continued, "but they're definitely excited." "When my three-year-old comes over to my stomach and generally says, 'Hi, baby brother!'"

Following a round of IVF therapy, the couple was given two embryos and had to choose the healthier one, regardless of sex.

Canning's delivery was slowed down by problems, such as an attached placenta, which doctors blamed on her having given birth to multiple children.

After so many births, her health was already in danger, so we don't think the couple is planning to have another child.

Andrea’s 6 Kids With One & Two Year Of Age Gap

Is Andrea Canning Pregnant In 2022? 6 Kids & Their Age Gap

Andrea Canning and her husband, Lt. Col. Tony Bancroft of the United States Marine Corps, have six children, five girls, and one boy. Anna, the couple's oldest child, celebrated her thirteenth birthday in March.

Charlie, her second daughter, is 11 years old, as are Kiki, 9, Georgia, 7, Elle, 6, and Tripp, their three-year-old son.

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On June 18, Canning gave birth to George Anthony Bancroft III, whom she and Bancroft refer to as Tripp. The parents already had five daughters, so this was their first male.

She routinely blogged on her Instagram page about a half-dozen reasons to consider herself the luckiest mommy.

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