Is Once Upon a Small Town Based On A True Story? Netflix Filming Locations

Is Once Upon a Small Town Based On A True Story? Netflix Filming Locations

Kwon Seok-Jang and Baek Eun-Kyung are the creators of the Korean romance series "As soon as Upon a Time in a Small City," which is available on Netflix. Han Ji-Yul, a veterinarian, is the main character of the novel. He is forced to relocate from the city to the countryside in order to take over his grandfather's animal hospital. After grudgingly moving, he meets Ahn Jae-young, a policewoman who is also a villager with a sweet secret, and Lee Sang-Hyun, a local nuclear power operator who owns a peach farm in the hamlet. Han Zhiyu still intends to leave the town as soon as possible, though.

Kdrama focuses on the romance between the three main characters while delving into the private joys and tragedies of Hadong Village. Since most of you have probably faced love triangles in real life as well, the subject will not be novel or strange. So that you can wonder if the story has any connection to reality, it is pure. Additionally, the play's lovely and naive framing locations are sure to pique your attention in the specific photo locations. Let us properly fill in all the details for you and assuage your curiosity!

Is Once Upon a Small Town Based On A True Story?

No, the television show Once Upon a Time is not based on a true story. The drama is adapted from "Unintentional Nation Diary," a webbook by Park Ha-min. Nevertheless, Baek Eun Kyung's excellent writing and creative thinking can also be given credit for the plot. Her writing skills allowed her to create a romantic storyline and characters for the present, which greatly improved its charm and suspense.

Because the topics and elements depicted in the collection are nothing new, the fictional story may seem familiar to many of you. The same themes and people have been addressed in numerous movies and TV shows over time. One of the most important emerging examples must be "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" from another Korean serial.

Hometown Cha Cha features a healthcare character who moves to a village and encounters local handymen, much like Once Upon a Time in a Small City. Additionally, "Hometown Cha Cha" depicts the amorous feelings that emerge among strangers in a community and can also be removed from the town. Other films that explore topics and themes similar to "Once Upon a Time in a Small City" include "A Good Year" and "The Excellent Match." Therefore, even though the plot seems well-known and real, the fact that drama isn't based on reality remains accurate.

The location where Wong Fei Hung filmed

Only in South Korea, namely in a remote area of the country, was a "Once Upon a Time" shot. The first season of the Netflix series is expected to begin shooting in May 2022 and wrap up in early September of the same year. As the southernmost country on the Korean Peninsula, South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, is an East Asian country. Its typically rugged landscape makes it the ideal setting for a Once Upon a Time-style television series. Let's now explore all of the specific websites mentioned in the show!


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South Korea

For "Once Upon a Time in a Small City," every significant scene was shot in a rural area of South Korea. The production team appears to have taken advantage of the opulent natural setting of the countryside to shoot various scenarios against the ideal backdrop. In a conversation with MBC Entertainment reporters and The Recording Division in early September 2022, they discussed their plans for filming the entire first season of the show with all of the animals. We adjusted the script as we were writing it with advice from a veterinarian so that we could film it without risk, they claimed.

“Within the scene the place actual animals seem, we first arrange a secure surrounding with the assistance of veterinarians, after which filmed below the supervision of veterinarians {and professional} trainers. All props that come into contact with animals are specific products of silicone to make sure security, Eradicate something that may very well be harmful as a lot as doable. Many veterinarians work with us to create the most secure doable surroundings,” they added.


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The production team commented on the challenges the crew faced during filming due to the high heat:

“There are various locations without shade, so we encountered some difficulties. Nevertheless, we actually loved the pure (within the countryside) from the pollution-free and clear nature (within the countryside). Cleanses the sensation. In many instances the crew and forged overlook the warmth and stare in awe at the stunning surroundings. After a day of filming, on the way in which to dine, the sundown was stunning and everybody stopped to take photos of one another. We’re proud to be on the display seize this magnificence.”

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