Jenna Ortega's New Role Wednesday Addams In The Addams Family Spinoff Series Wednesday Is Literally Made For Her

Jenna Ortega's New Role Wednesday Addams In The Addams Family Spinoff Series Wednesday Is Literally Made For Her

After more than a year, we finally got our first look at The Addams Family spinoff series on Wednesday, with Jenna Ortega as the main character.

Jenna looks as spooky and kooky as ever in the short teaser trailer, released on June 6, 2022.

Even though the trailer only shows Jenna in her trademark braids and spooky outfit for a brief moment, people are already freaked out.

Find out more about Jenna Ortega, who will play Wednesday Addams in the film, in this article.

Jenna Ortega In Scream 6 As Tara Carpenter

Jenna Ortega has had a stellar year, starring in Scream 6, X, and the upcoming horror-comedy Wednesday. Ortega gave an outstanding performance as Tara Carpenter in Scream, and many say she outperformed Melissa Barrera in the starring role.

With Scream 5, the filmmakers went back to the roots after opening with unique murder sequences in each of the previous Scream films. Ortega recreated the iconic "lone teenager on the phone with a creepy stalker" opening montage from Drew Barrymore's Casey Becker in 1996's Scream.

The only difference was that, unlike Casey Becker, Ortega's character survived. Scream 6 should, hopefully, have another fantastic opening sequence.

Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, and Dermot Mulroney co-star alongside Jenna Ortega in the film. 

19-Year-old Jenna’s Family Background

Jenna Ortega was born in Coachella Valley, California, on September 27, 2002. She embraces multiracial ethnicity. The actress is made up of 75% Mexicans and 25% Puerto Ricans. Although the actress's father is 100% Mexican, his family immigrated to California decades before he was born. As a result, Ortega's father does not speak Spanish, but his mother Natalie Ortega does.

Ortega's maternal great-grandmother is Mexican, but she immigrated to the United States from a small ranch near Sinaloa, Mexico when she was a child. Despite her cultural diversity, Ortega claims to be quite proud of her heritage.

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More about her family, she has 5 siblings;  two brothers named Markus and Isaac Ortega and three sisters i.e. Mia, Aaliyah, and Mariah Ortega.

Furthermore, away from the big screen, the young actress has quite an eventful existence. Ortega like spicy food and has admitted to drinking Tapatío straight from the bottle.

In addition, the award-winning actress is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights, immigration reform, and gun control. Ortega is an advocate as well as an author, with a book titled "IT'S ALL LOVE: Reflections for Your Heart and Soul" under her belt.

What Is Ortega’s Relationship Status?

The actress was rumored to have been in a relationship with Isaak Presley in the past. He is an actor and singer from the United States. The duo was also seen together in a number of public venues.

Jenna Ortega's New Role Wednesday Addams In The Addams Family Spinoff Series Wednesday Is Literally Made For Her
Jenna Ortega and Isaak Presley.

Jenna was also speculated to be dating Jacob Sartorius throughout the summer of 2017. He is a singer and songwriter from the United States. They never confirmed their relationship, though. The actress is currently single and concentrating on her work.

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