Kawa Leauma has Passed Away: Spanish Rugby Player Died from Head injuries

Kawa Leauma has Passed Away: Spanish Rugby Player Died from Head injuries

Spanish rugby international Kawa Leauma has passed away at the age of 32.

After being sent to a hospital in Amsterdam on Saturday with severe head injuries, Kawa lost his fight for life.

In a statement, Spain's Rugby Federation acknowledged the shocking news. “We regret to inform you of the death overnight of Kawa Leauma who suffered a freak accident after Spain’s match against the Netherlands in Amsterdam,” the statement read.

It continued: “In accordance with the wishes of his wife, who at this moment in time is traveling towards the Dutch capital, we cannot give out any more information at the moment and ask for maximum respect towards her and her family. Rest in peace Kawa."

Kawa, who had traveled to the Netherlands with Spain's national rugby squad for a Six Nations B match against the Netherlands, is reported to have fallen 25 feet from a shopping center's terrace.

The footballer, who was born in Auckland, New Zealand, was sent to the hospital right away for surgery.

The Spanish Basque Country-based side where he played, Ordizia Rugby Elkartea, had revealed that the last hospital update they had received yesterday was not hopeful and that he would require more surgery. 

Spain defeated Holland 52-7, however, Leauma, who played for the Samoa Under-20s before being eligible to play for his adopted country due to residency, did not participate.

He was notified on Friday that he wouldn't be playing on Saturday, but he stayed to see the game.

His absence from the match was initially mistakenly linked to him testing positive for Covid before officials decided to postpone his official debut with the Spanish senior team due to a 'red-tape' issue.

The accident happened as he returned to his hotel, according to the first reports.

However, it was revealed yesterday that it happened in Leiden, near Amsterdam, after he chose to meet up with other Dutch-based rugby players he knew from earlier in his career, after the match.

Reports in Spain suggest that Kawa might have possibly entered an area where the floor could have given way beneath him. The investigation is ongoing as of now.

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