Who is Camille Razat's Boyfriend? The 'Emily in Paris' star is Excited for Season 2

Who is Camille Razat's Boyfriend? The 'Emily in Paris' star is Excited for Season 2

Camille Razat is a French actress and model. She is known for playing Lea Morel in France 2 drama, The Disappearance.

However, the actress is more recently known for her breakout role in Emily in Paris. Her character (who is also named Camille) appears to be a threat to our female lead Emily Cooper's (played by Lily Collins) growing connection with her neighbor Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo). However, the two leading ladies form a solid bond over time.

Who is Camille Razat’s Boyfriend? She's Engaged!

Camille Razat has been open about her relationship with her boyfriend-turned-fiance, Etienne Baret.

Camille revealed the couple's engagement on Instagram. The caption said, "Pacsés 💍💜 @etiennebaret merci à mes ami(e)s extraordinaires, je vous aime !"

The actress stunned her followers by announcing her engagement as she posted a video.

In the video, the pair not only kisses but they're also showered with flower petals to commemorate their fresh beginnings.

Etienne, on the other hand, is a professional photographer. He is a graduate of the Auguste Renoir Art School. He also attended a live model class at Lyon's Beaux-Arts.

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Etienne was accepted into a three-year acting school after winning the "Classe Libre des Cours Florent" competition. He went on to play Richard III in Theatre de l'Odeon after finishing his education.

Baret has visited several places around the world, including Ukraine and Berlin. In addition, he is currently regarded as one of the best photographers in the world.

Camille Razat’s Role in Emily in Paris Season 2

Camille has openly expressed her love for her character in Emily in Paris. In an interview with L'OFFICIEL, she revealed her thrill to be able to channel more on her character in the second season of the show.

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“I really thank the authors and the production for giving me the opportunity to express myself a little more through this Season 2,” she said. “To have been able to go into more detail about who Camille is, to understand her complexity, her multiple facets rather than locking it into a somewhat slick image.”

Out of the many things that Camille has taken from playing in Emily in Paris are her newfound love for dresses and blooming positivity! 

“Before I never put them on, I didn't know how to handle them, I didn't find them comfortable,” Camille explained on her previous take on dresses.

“Now, and thanks to the character of Camille, I have become more feminine. And also, I smile a lot more! With the difficult period we are all going through, keeping a smile and being able to pass it on to others seems very important to me.”

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