Monica Aldama Admits Divorcing Chris Was A ‘Blessing’: Our Marriage Has Now ‘Flourished’ Because Of It

Monica Aldama Admits Divorcing Chris Was A ‘Blessing’: Our Marriage Has Now ‘Flourished’ Because Of It

The Netflix documentary series, Cheer, follows Monica Aldama and her legacy as one of the most successful cheer coaches in the country. She is married to musician Chris Aldama and together, they have two children, Austin and Ally Aldama. Monica Aldama is currently a contestant on this season's Dancing with the Stars. From the football field to the dance floor, she knows how to move on her feet.

Aldama told up about her marriage before dedicating her Dating with the Stars performance on October 19th to her husband, Chris Aldama. Monica admitted that they married while they were both quite young and had "no responsibilities." Their lives became "very busy" as they grew older, and they drifted apart. After a year of marriage, they decided to divorce.

Monica described it as one of the "darkest periods of my life." They learned they were "each other's soulmates" throughout their time apart, so they reunited and remarried. After 26 years of marriage, Monica and Chris are stronger than ever and cherish their family, which includes kids Austin and Ally.

She joined ABC's Dancing with the Stars Season in 2019 and began competing for the mirrorball trophy after guiding the cheerleading team to win in 2019. Monica's popularity is growing by the day, and her followers want to know more about her husband, Chris Aldama.

Chris Aldama, Monica Aldama's Spouse


Chris Aldama, who stands at 6 feet tall, is an American citizen. His parents reared him in Corsicana, Texas, where he was born and raised. Chris may be of Spanish ancestry, though this has not been confirmed.

The native of Texas grew up in a family of four. Chris has an elder sister in his family, in addition to his parents. Diana Hitt is her name, and Chris celebrated National Siblings Day on April 11, 2018, by posting a photo of him and his sister to his Instagram account.

Chris has maintained a positive relationship with his parents, as seen by how much he misses them and how often he posts a photo of his entire family on Instagram.

Chris Aldama's Education & Career


Chris received his education at Corsicana High School, where he graduated in 1989. Chris also holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Southwest Texas State University.

Chris Aldama started looking for work right after finishing his bachelor's degree. Ellis Country Juvenile Services was his first employment. From 1994 to 2009, he held the role of Chief Officer of the company.

Chris then joined the Navorro Country Community Supervision and Correction Department in February 2009. Chris has been dedicating his unrivaled talent to the advancement of Navarro Country since 2009.

Apart from dealing with criminals, Chris is a part-time musician too. He is a part of Courtney Prater and the sidetracks where he plays guitar.

Monica & Chris Aldama: Dating, Marriages, Children.


While it is unclear when Chris and Monica began dating, it is almost certain that they had been married for at least 25 years as of 2021 because they were already married when Monica obtained her job as a cheerleading coach at Navarro College in 1995.

The two have a very close relationship. They march forward in every direction, each helping the other. Monica claims that Chris gave her the best advice she has ever gotten.

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Monica noted that Chris's advice of not reading the nasty comments on the Internet and instead focusing on what well-wishers have to say has helped her a lot.

They have two children together. Austin, the oldest of the two, is a don, while Ally, the younger, is a daughter. Austin graduated from Texas Tech University and will age 24 in 2020.


For the most part, Ally follows in her mother's footsteps. Ally was a member of the cheerleading squad at Southern Methodist University as of September 2020.

The Aldama family used to spend a lot of time outside before the Corona incident, fishing, camping, and hiking. The family had fun at home even while the entire world was shut down due to the COVID 19 epidemic.