Dylan Barbour Claims His Experience With The Bachelor Franchise Was "Positive"

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Dylan Barbour Claims His Experience With The Bachelor Franchise Was "Positive"

Dylan Barbour is starting to take a more positive stance towards The Bachelor franchise, as opposed to his actions over the weekend.

The reality star gave a statement to E! News on February 2, 2021, in an attempt to recover from the words he said in a now-deleted Twitter thread on January 30. The thread showed him criticizing the way some of the contestants were treated during the filming of the show. 

“This past weekend, I got into the discussion of being in the public eye and its effects on mental health. I’ve seen a lot of people thrust into this level of notoriety, and with it comes immense scrutiny. And those same friends have had their mental health suffer tremendously from it. I felt the need to speak out as I’ve been one of the lucky ones to have a great experience from this transition, but with that said, I believe the way the message was delivered was wrong.” - Dylan Barbour

He then went on to talk about how he had only positive experiences within the show, “I’m appreciative of the franchise and the platform given to me, and that was not reflected. I’ve really only had very positive experiences with the producers and network. Moving forward, I’ll speak only from personal experience and continue to be an ally and support system to those who need it.”

On January 30, Dylan began a Q&A thread on Twitter by writing, “Cancel ABC and The Bachelor. Kinda wanna air out their dirty laundry mom got me riled up.”

When asked if there was “anything they told you to say that you refused,”  Dylan responded with, “Yes all the time. You gotta understand the game. They get paid off you doing s**t that warrants screen time.”

This thread was also where Dylan revealed that the one who “got most screwed over by production” was Jed Wyatt, another Bachelorette contestant who appeared in Hannan Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. As a follower asked, “Are you saying he didn’t cheat on Hannah?” Dylan replied, “Yes.”

Dylan appeared on The Bachelorette during Hannah Brown’s season. He later got engaged to Hannah Godwin during Bachelor in Paradise.