Are Dimitri Garcia & Teen Mom Amber Portwood Still Together?

Are Dimitri Garcia & Teen Mom Amber Portwood Still Together?

Dimitri Garcia came into the limelight after he was introduced as Amber Portwood’s boyfriend. 

However, in January 2021, it was reported that the couple had parted ways on good terms. Ongoing coronavirus pandemic was said to be the main reason for their breakup. 

Dimitri & Amber May Not Be Over For Good

Dimitri and Amber were reported to be dating back on 8th January 2020, and they allegedly met over the internet. Soon their romance blossomed into a serious affair, and Dimitri, who lives in Belgium, flew to America to be with Amber. 

However, they did not make their relationship on Instagram official until April 2020, when Teem Mom OG’s episode featured Dimitri and Amber appearing all smitten. 

The couple couldn’t qualify for the 2020 edition of “90 Day Fiance” due to their early dating stage. 

In June 2020, Dimitri posted a picture with Amber locking lips that made their fans aw-gawking. Following the days, he continued sharing photographs. 

Sadly, when the world went through the COVID pandemic, Dimitri was outside the US, and due to all travel restrictions, the couple was not able to be together. However, on social media, Dimitri kept professing his love for her with loving social media posts. 

In the end, due to the distance, the couple called it quits. Not to mention, Dimitri and Amber still follow each other on their social media, and space being the only leading cause may be sorted out in the future. 

Dimitri posted, saying,

“Time has not separated us, but on the contrary has strengthened our confidence between us but above all our love.”

“You are beautiful, my baby love, and not only from the outside. I love you, and we’ll be together soon; I promise ❤ #love#together.”

On the other note, Dimitri is a father of two kids from his previous relationship; one was 13 and 11.

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