For Sean Yseult And Husband, New Orleans Means Much More

For Sean Yseult And Husband, New Orleans Means Much More

Sean Yseult is primarily known for her work in the American thrash metal band White Zombie. The band, in their eleven-year career, achieved fame in the 80s and officially disbanded in 1998. After White Zombie, Yseult briefly toured and played bass for The Cramps before beginning her design and photography career.

For Sean Yseult And Husband, New Orleans Means Much More
Sean Yseult with her Phantom Bass (Source: Official Instagram)

Bio Unveils “Designing Career”

Yseult’s parents Ann and Mike S. Reynolds, were English college professors, with Ann teaching poetry written by Geoffery Chaucer while Mike was a notable scholar of Earnest Hemingway. This contributed to the gathering of North Carolinian bohemian artists, writers, and poets in the Reynolds household. This meant that highly impressionable young Sean and her sister got a taste of good music and arts. Furthermore, Yseult’s parents took her and her sister to various ballet recitals, theaters, and art openings.

She then went on to study piano, violin, and ballet. Her keen talents for the visual arts presented themselves when her school coloring assignment, called "The Grey Rat," included a burst of psychedelic colors. She went on to study ballet but was forced to quit because she broke her foot. This enabled her to go back to designing, and she graduated from Parsons School of Design with a major in photography and design. 

Her project, called “Yseult Designs,” includes her knack for vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Initially designing scarves, pillows, and accessories, she expanded her designs and incorporated them in wallpapers and home furnishings in 2017. She has been known to draw these by hand and is quoted on her website saying,

“I want people to know this is a fluid creation from me direct to paper – it’s easy to create flawless graphics on a computer, but no challenge. These are 100% human, and I enjoy the process.”

For Sean Yseult And Husband, New Orleans Means Much More
Sean Yseult's Instagram Post (Source: Instagram)

Photography Career

Yseult first began showing her photography in galleries in 2004 and began receiving continued invites in North Carolina and New York City. The year 2012 marked her first solo photography display at Scott Edwards Gallery in New Orleans. Since then, she has gone on to have four solo photography shows in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

Her photography features symbolism and surrealism that pays homage to the legendary surrealist artist Salvador Dali. She even posted a picture of Dali and put a hashtag inspiration in the caption.

For Sean Yseult And Husband, New Orleans Means Much More
Yseult's Photography (Source: Official Website)

Business Ventures

With her husband, Chris Lee, also a musician and founder of the rock outfit Supagroup, Yseult opened up a bar called “Saint Bar and Lounge.” This was a famous dive bar among the New Orleans musician crowd for its cheap drinks and festive environment. Along with Saint Bar, Yseult puts up vintage White Zombie merchandise for sale. This includes T-shirts, posters of shows, and magazines from her career with White Zombie. 

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New Orleans: A Place That Is Much More

When Sean Yseult moved to New Orleans after White Zombie disbanded in 1996, she was handed a concert flier by Chris Lee, founding and fronting the Supergroup's rock outfit. Yseult took it, and they did not speak to each other at that moment. As time passed, they looked for each other as they explored the New Orleans nightlife. As fate would have it, they found each other at a shack called “Snakes And Jakes Christmas Club Lounge” and have been together ever since. 

For Sean Yseult And Husband, New Orleans Means Much More
Sean Yseult With Husband Chris Lee (Source: The New York Times)

The couple tied the knot on January 12th, 2008, at Preservation Hall, New Orleans. From moving to New Orleans in the early 2000s (1988 for Lee), setting up a business, and getting married - New Orleans has been kind to the couple.

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