Sherri Shepherd's Net Worth in 2021: Her Return to "The Wendy Williams Show" Elicits Positive Response

Sherri Shepherd's Net Worth in 2021: Her Return to "The Wendy Williams Show" Elicits Positive Response

Following emergency appendix surgery, Sherri Shepherd returned as a guest host on The Wendy Williams Show. According to insiders, her comeback has elicited a slew of enthusiastic reactions from spectators.

Reports claim that from the first week of November, Sherri Shepherd's episodes on The Wendy Williams Show raised the show's ratings. It's the highest rating for the show since it premiered in mid-October.

Sherri's name is familiar to Wendy Williams Show viewers since she has been a guest on the show multiple times in recent years.

Celebrities like Leah Remini, Whitney Cummings, and Sherri Shepherd have reportedly stood in for Williams in the first few weeks of the new season.

While Williams recovers from Graves disease complications, Shepherd has been one of a rotating line of guest hosts for the show.

After Williams tested positive for a breakthrough case of Covid-19, the show's anticipated September 20 Season 13 launch was postponed for weeks. Williams would be stepping back from promotional activities ahead of the launch due to "ongoing health difficulties," according to the program before her Covid diagnosis.

Williams has struggled with a variety of ailments in recent years. Her Graves illness, an immune system disorder, has plagued her since 1999, and her show was canceled in 2018.

Sherri Shepherd's Net Worth in 2021

The 54-year-net old's worth is estimated to be around $10 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Her annual salary, on the other hand, is said to be $1.5 million.

Sherri Shepherd is an American actress, comedian, author, and television personality best known for co-hosting the popular daytime talk show "The View" and starring in a number of hit comedies.

Age and Family

Sherri was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 22, 1967. Her parents, LaVerne and Lawrence A. Shepherd, raised her alongside her two younger sisters.

Sherri Shepherd's Relationships, Sons

From 2001 to 2009, Sherri was married to Jeff Tarpley. During their time together, they welcomed their son, Jeffrey, in April 2005.

On December 26, 2010, Sherri got engaged to writer Lamar Sally. The pair married in August 2011 in Chicago and divorced in May 2014. Shepherd and Sally welcomed a kid via surrogacy in August 2014 after their divorce.

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