Who is Jeff Baena? Details on Aubrey Plaza and her Husband's Impromptu Wedding

Who is Jeff Baena? Details on Aubrey Plaza and her Husband's Impromptu Wedding

Actress Aubrey Plaza has finally spoken out about her COVID-19 lockdown-induced surprise wedding to long-time boyfriend Jeff Baena. 

"Yes, we got married," the 37-year-old comic told Ellen DeGeneres during her interview on the December 15 broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "Big deal. We got a little bored one night. We got married and I’ll tell you how: 1hourmarriage.com. That’s real, look it up.”

They married on their 10-year anniversary, according to the actress.

Who is Jeff Baena? His Net Worth and Age

Jeff Baena is an American screenwriter and film director who is most known for his work on Life After Beth, Joshy, The Little Hours, and I Heart Huckabees, which he co-wrote with David O. Russell. 

Jeff was born in Miami, Florida, on June 29, 1977. He grew up in South Florida and went on to New York University to study film.

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Jeff relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from NYU Film School to begin his career. He started by working as a production assistant for Robert Zemeckis on several films.

After that, Jeff went on to serve as an associate editor for writer-director David O. Russell. The two ended up working together on four scripts. I Heart Huckabees, which Russell directed in 2004, was one of the four scripts.

Baena began to concentrate his career on writing, and his first feature film as a director was the zombie comedy, Life After Beth.

Although the exact statistics are unknown, there is no doubt that Jeff has amassed substantial wealth. Aubrey, on the other hand, is assessed to have a net worth of $6 million by CelebrityNetWorth

How did Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena Meet? Their Wedding

Plaza and Baena began dating after meeting in 2011 and have since worked on a number of projects together, including the films Life After Beth and The Little Hours, in which she appeared and Baena wrote and directed.

Aubrey told Ellen while promoting her new children's book, "The Legend of the Christmas Witch" that the couple decided to marry on their tenth anniversary out of boredom.

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The actress reportedly found a website via Google and contacted them late at night for a wedding ceremony with Jeff the next day.

She went on to describe how a man dressed in a bright Hawaiian shirt and carrying a briefcase arrived later from Alhambra. They got married in their backyard two hours after she contacted the website.

Aubrey joked that Jeff "almost missed the wedding" while they waited for the dinner they had ordered. Aubrey, meantime, had created a "love altar" with information about their relationship, little stones, and a smoke-fire.

Except for their neighbor, whom Aubrey Plaza regarded as a real-life witch, the two married without anyone else knowing.

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