Wayne Amey's Murder and All You Need to Know about him

Wayne Amey's Murder and All You Need to Know about him

Wayne Amey, a 54-year-old Australian man who went missing in Hawthorn in 2013, brought his partner Robyn Lindholm's horrific background to light. As investigators dug deeper, they discovered that she was involved in the deaths of not one, but two persons she had seen in various poses throughout her life.

Robyn's tale from investigations is included as the second of three instances reviewed on Discovery's Deadly Women: Clean Hands, Dirty Deeds. So, let's take a closer look at Wayne Amey.

Wayne Amey's murder and all you need to know about him

  • Wayne Amey, a 54-year-old personal trainer from Hawthorn, Australia, vanished in December 2013.
  • Wayne was the proprietor of a gym, and he and his ex-girlfriend Robyn Lindholm shared the property.
  • On the day he vanished, the couple's relationship had become nasty, and they were due in court over a property dispute.
  • A week later, his corpse was recovered between two rocks in Victoria, Australia.

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  • He was viciously assaulted, stabbed four times, and strangled to death with wounds to his chest, cracked ribs, and several lacerations to his skull.
  • According to police, he was first attacked in his grave and then dumped where his corpse was discovered.
  • Two guys were found guilty of the crime by investigators. 
  • Torsten Trabert and John Ryan were their names.
  • While the narrative had more surprises, Robyn Lindholm, a 40-year-old exotic dancer who used to be Wayne's companion, was also involved.
  • Robyn wanted half of Wayne's country land, regardless of how they divided up.
  • According to reports, they bought the house together.
  • As a result, she enlisted the help of Torsten, a man she was seeing, to assassinate her ex-boyfriend.
  • They committed their crime while the camera was recording it. Surveillance footage tied them all to the killing.
  • Robyn pled guilty to Wayne's murder in 2015.

What happened to Robyn Lindholm?

  • Robyn Lindholm, Wayne Amey's ex-girlfriend, is now doing her sentence at an Australian penitentiary institution.
  • Robyn, the mastermind of the crime, was given a 25-year sentence, and the other two were given the harshest penalty.

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  • The investigation into Wayne's murder case led to the arrest of a suspect in another.
  • Even though the case was renewed, Robyn rejected the claims and even testified at the trial.
  • She was, nevertheless, convicted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend George Templeton. This extended the sentence by another 28 years.
  • "You were living the high life at the expense of your former de facto's life," the court told her.
  • Authorities suspect she may have enlisted the services of Wayne and another guy to murder George, according to sources.
  • The murder is said to have been motivated by her desire to live with Wayne. 
  • When she reaches the age of 71, she will be eligible for parole.