Who is Melissa Lyne? Everything about Paul McDermott's Wife

Everything you need to know about Melissa Lyne lawfully wedded wife of Paul McDermott

Who is Melissa Lyne? Everything about Paul McDermott's Wife

Paul McDermott is a well-known comedian, actor, writer, director, singer, artist, and television personality from the United States. 

Comedian Paul McDermott is a multi-talented individual who has dabbled and excelled in a variety of fields in the entertainment world. His current show, Plus One, airs on Comedy Alastair SuperShow, and it has gotten a lot of attention, prompting people to want to learn more about the comic and his lawfully married wife Melissa Lyne.

Paul will be presenting a suite of gorgeous damnation and the usual standard of malarkey at his brand new store Plus One, where he's been fighting tyranny, injustice, and boredom for 40 years armed only with humor and a nice voice.

Melissa Lyne: Everything You Need to Know

  • Melissa Lyne is the lawfully married wife of Paul McDermott, a comedian, singer, and television personality.
  • Melissa is a native of Australia.
  • Her age is a mystery because she is a very private person who does not appear to be on social media.
  • She graduated from the University of Tasmania with a BSc in Environmental Geology and Statistics. She also has a BA in Journalism and Media studies.

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  • Melissa was awarded a scholarship to pursue a graduate diploma in scientific communication at The Australian National University.
  • She graduated with honors from The Australian National University with a master's degree in Science Communication Strategies.
  • Melissa has held positions such as Communication Specialist, Research Communication, Communication Officer, Media Manager, Content Producer, Project Manager, Reporter, Editor, and many others, according to her LinkedIn profile.
  • Melissa and her legally married spouse, Paul McDermott, have a child named Xavier.
  • The family is frequently spotted on the beach.
  • The family also has a dog named Rosie, whom they adore.
  • That was a time when Paul reaffirmed his love for his family, declaring them his most valued belongings.
  • Melissa, her husband Paul, and their son Xavier currently reside in Perth.
  • Melissa Lyne's net worth is currently unknown.

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  • She is extremely passionate about environmental protection and frequently attends lectures on the subject.

Social Media

Melissa Lyne is active on Twitter under the username @malyne, where she has 300 followers, and she appears to keep her tweets professional, discussing work-related topics.

Melissa Lyne isn't on Instagram, but she is a strong champion for mental health and a healthy, sustainable environment.