What is Stormy Wellington's Net Worth? Explore the TV Personality's Fortune as "Million Dollar Hustle" Releases

What is Stormy Wellington's Net Worth? Explore the TV Personality's Fortune as "Million Dollar Hustle" Releases

Stormy Wellington is joining the Lifetime network with her new show, Million Dollar Hustle. She'll be seen coaching female leaders on how to compete for a spot in her inner circle.

Stormy, a billionaire TV personality and health and fitness guru, is also known as "Coach Stormy." She is the CEO of Total Life Changes as well as Hold My Hand, Inc., a company she founded.

Wellington has a long list of accomplishments, including being crowned the World's No. 1 Female Network Marketer in 2015. She is also a successful novelist with a number of best-selling books to her name.

Stormy Wellington’s Net Worth

On top of everything she has going for herself in her career, Stormy is also a TV host of the reality series, Beyond The Pole.

The 41-year-old, who began her career at a $13-per-hour collection agency, is now a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $3 million.

Stormy Wellington Was a Stripper at one point

Stormy was born in New York but moved to Miami, Florida as a child. With a mother who was both a pole dancer and a drug dealer, she had a difficult upbringing.

According to stories, she grew up without her mother, who was imprisoned. Stormy talked about her mother in an interview about her mother, "I wanted to take on her hustle and fearless ambitious spirit. I didn’t want to do illegal things and go to jail but I admired my mom’s ambitious spirit.”

She dropped out of high school while growing up in foster care. She began working as a dancer at the age of 13 and became involved in the drug trade.

Stormy soon left the underworld and went to work for a collection firm, where she amassed over a million dollars in closed accounts. This was the start of a prosperous career for her.

Who is Stormy Wellington's Husband?

She has three children from three distinct partnerships in her personal life. Darryl Jones, her best friend, was formerly married to her and they had a son together.

About “Million Dollar Hustle”

Million Dollar Hustle follows a group of women leaders who call themselves "The Circle of Bosses."  

They will face trials in order to get access to the host's inner circle.

Stormy's daughter Essence Canty, TV personality Dianna Williams, Bawselady, Nathalie Nicole Smith, Bianca Shadai, Tammy Price, and Ana Cantera will be among Wellington's entourage.

Million Dollar Hustle is a ten-episode series that was originally set to air in February.

The show is now set to premiere Saturday, January 29 at 10.00 pm on Lifetime.

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