Who is Amber Baptiste? Micheal Goguen's Ex-Girlfriend Throws Accusations at the Billionaire

Who is Amber Baptiste? Micheal Goguen's Ex-Girlfriend Throws Accusations at the Billionaire

Amber Baptiste and four of his colleagues made severe claims against Micheal Goguen, a renowned billionaire entrepreneur from Bedford, Massachusetts, who is a Silicon Valley investor, philanthropist, and philanthropist.

He is accused of sexually assaulting 5,000 women in a harem, with a spreadsheet allegedly proving it.

"Trafficked girls and women meet their unknown fate every day. I never knew what would happen when my abuser wild come in the door. What was the new demeaning task I would be forced to endure? What part of my body would he mutilate today rape survivor #metoo"- Amber Baptiste

Who is Amber Baptiste?

  • Amber is said to be in her late twenties or early thirties.
  • She claims she was smuggled into the US from Canada when she was 15 years old.
  • Furthermore, Amber Baptiste and four of her employees have filed a lawsuit against Micheal Goguen, a multimillionaire software entrepreneur.
  • Micheal has been accused of abusing 5,000 women in a harem.
  • Micheal used to keep Amber as a s*x slave, according to Amber.


  • According to Amber's lawsuit, Micheal also forced her to work as a stripper in Texas.
  • According to TechCrunch, a court dismissed Baptiste's complaint in 2019 because she failed to present the required documentation or consent to a medical examination. 
  • A separate court found Baptiste guilty of fraud and extortion and issued Goguen a restraining order barring her from repeating her statements.
  • The current complaint does not identify any of Goguen's 'harem' of supposedly 100 women.
  • He has, however, delivered several of the residences, including a multi-million dollar property in Santa Monica, California, for a lady with whom he reportedly became pregnant many times but paid for abortions.
  • Amber filed a $40 million lawsuit against Micheal for causing her bodily and mental harm.

Is Amber Baptiste active on social media?

Amber Baptiste does not have an Instagram account. She does not have a profile on the social networking site Facebook. However, she has a Twitter account under the name @AmberlBaptiste.

She has 304 followers and states in her bio that she is a human trafficking survivor. She is an advocate for victims and a social change writer, having been a rape victim herself.