Who is Katey Nakatsu? Find out more about Jed Duggar's Girlfriend

Who is Katey Nakatsu? Find out more about Jed Duggar's Girlfriend

The Duggars were notorious for their super-short romances and massive weddings, and when one of them was involved in a relationship, everyone knew! And, Jed — one of the Duggar family's center children — is in the spotlight this time.

Jed Duggar is the tenth child and fifth son of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. He is the husband of Katey Nakatsu. Here's everything you need to know about Jed Duggar’s wife Katey Nakatsu Duggar. 

Katey Nakatsu's Age, Birthday


Katey Nakatsu was born in the year 1998; she celebrates her birthday in July. In 2021, she will be 22 years old, the same age as her husband Jed Duggar.

Her Parents, Siblings & Hometown

Katey was born to Kory and Kim Nakatsu. They appeared to have split up, and Katey's father, Kory, had remarried. The Nakatsu family referred to Kerry as "stepmom" rather than "mother."

Lauren Nakats was rumored to be Katey's sister. More specifically, Katey's father, Kory, repurchased a home in Arkansas in September 2020 and leased his home in Arizona.

Kory looked to be a resigned Global Account Manager of American Express, based on his Linkedin profile.

Kimberly, Katey's mother, has kept to herself. However, we identified a Linkedin page that may have something to do with Katey's mother.

The LinkedIn profile states that Kimberly was depicted as a former ScanSource Account Manager and HonorHealth patient monetary champion.

The family also has a blog "nakatsus.com." Both the girls and their guardians blogged there about unusual events in their lives. Her old neighbourhood's information was kept private.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have a large online following.


Katey Nakatsu is under 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Katey Nakatsu’s Job, Education

Katey, unlike her world-famous husband, was more interested in assisting others than in basking in the limelight.

Despite the fact that she didn't say much about her current job, her family blog revealed that she was "intending to look for freedoms to priest to and serve others throughout her single years," according to her blog.

In 2018, she was employed as a jailer in the state of Florida. Katey attended a state-funded school for a period of time (which may be extremely unusual for the Duggar family) and graduated in 2016.

She, too, possessed all the characteristics of a pilot. In 2020, she received her "Solo Flight" certification. 

Katey Nakatsu Relationship with Jed Duggar 


Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu started dating in April 2020. It all started when fans observed a pumpkin with the name "Katey" cut into it in Jessa Duggar's YouTube video from November 2020. They even noticed Jessa asking whether the guy was carving a pumpkin for his lady at one point in the film.

Jed soon confirmed her suspicions. Along these lines, people assumed Katey and Jed's romance would begin in this manner.


After then, it was revealed that Jed's twin brother, Jeremiah Duggar, and their father, Jim Bob Duggar, paid a visit to Katey's family in Arizona in May 2020.

During a romantic period, the team secretly held their commitment in an empty stable, decked with candles and a round botanical curve.

The two then proceeded to have an emotional lunch inside an igloo, which was followed by firecrackers in the evening. The couple had set their wedding date for April 3rd, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. 

They are Expecting a Baby! 

Jed Duggar has announced his girlfriend Katey's pregnancy in September 2021. 

Jed Duggar, 22, and his better half Katey Nakatsu, 23, published a series of romantic Instagram photos in which they can be seen loving each other while carrying a sign that reads "And after that There Were 3. Child Duggar Spring '22."


Jed Duggar's biographical information: On TLC's reality TV show Counting On, he is one of the well-known Duggars kids. The sitcom was once known as 14 Children and Pregnant Again, then 19 Kids and Then Some, and finally Counting On