Who is Mj Rodriguez's Boyfriend? The "Pose" star has become the First Transgender Actor to win a Golden Globe

Who is Mj Rodriguez's Boyfriend? The "Pose" star has become the First Transgender Actor to win a Golden Globe

Michaela Jaé "Mj" Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama for her portrayal as Blanca, the housemother and nurse on FX's "Pose," on Sunday. This is the first time in history that for a transgender actor to win a Golden Globe.

Mj Rodriguez, age 31, won the Golden Globe for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama" for her depiction of Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista in the series.

This is the first Golden Globe win for Pose, as the film debuted in 2018.

Prior to this, Rodriguez made history by being the first transgender performer to be nominated for a lead acting Emmy last summer. Rodriguez was not the winner of the prize.

Who is Mj Rodriguez’s Boyfriend? 

Mj Rodriguez introduced her partner, Stephen, to fans in a romantic Valentine's Day Instagram post in February 2020.

Rodriguez shared a series of some of her and Stephen's cutest moments together on Instagram, as the caption read, “They’ll try to hold you back. They will say [you’re] wrong, but they will NEVER UNDERSTAND, the journey that [you’re] on. Baby I wouldn’t choose it any other way. I love you.”

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She then continued, “I feel like I can be my truest self when I am around you. You have shown me what love truly looks like when it’s balanced and easy. I’m so proud to call you my Valentine but most importantly my boyfriend. You are always rooting me on, you always make sure my physical, my spiritual and my mental state is [OK]. I’m so appreciative of you. #happyvalentinesday I LOVE YOU Stephen.”

Rodriguez has shared a couple of photos of herself and Stephen on Instagram since then.

Earlier in 2021, Rodriguez talked about Stephen in an Instagram post she uploaded for Valentine's Day, where she mentioned the picture being the first time they met.

“This was the first day we met, and boy was it everything I planned it to be. You have set the highest standard for how any human should treat another human being. That is why I have Fallen so deeply in love with you,” she captioned the picture of her and Stephen in a selfie.

“Happy Valentine’s Day. Also Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who is in a relationship or single. It’s time to spread love everywhere.”

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