Aesha Scott from Below Deck Mediterranean: has a new man in her life.

What’s below the deck family’s thought on Aesha’s New Man?

Aesha Scott from Below Deck Mediterranean: has a new man in her life.

Below Deck, Mediterranean is an American reality television series on Bravo. The show, which is a spin-off of Below Deck, was first premiered on 3rd May 2016. 

Apparently, the show in its 5th season, and the show itself introduced us to only Aesha Scott. Aesha has recently found a new man for herself and here’s all about Aesha and her new beau!

Aesha Introduced Her Man Through Instagram

Aesha Scott has already introduced her new special someone to the world!

Aesha announced her new love romance way before introducing the new second stew on The Wellington. She went public and introduced her boyfriend Scotty Dobbo on her Instagram on 11th July 2020. She further continued her post with a cheeky caption mentioning themselves as a power couple. 

"I’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Yes, he is blatantly more attractive/photogenic/talented at everything side of this duo, but I feel like what I bring is a certain mysterious spice, especially when I do things like cry over two-minute noodles for no reason when I’m on my period. So basically a power couple."

Well, now keeping the power couple aside, let’s learn whats other Below the Deck’s family has to say about Aesha and her new beau. 

On a positive note: many members have already given them a big thumbs up. One of the members, Anastasia Surmava, commented, saying hottest couple ever, and  Jamie Jason commented, saying he is very happy for Aesha.

Just within a short span of time, Aesha and Scotty have gotten closer than ever. As a couple, they have gone horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, and biking in Utah, Colorado, and California. 

What Happened Between Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup?

While people watched Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup walked hand in hand, embarking on their newfound relationship -- people also got excited to explore more of their romance. People also assumed them as two weirdos good together and found each other in the middle of the open sea.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not work after the show ended, and the reality of Aesha and Jack’s relationship slapped the fans. 

Fans who are well aware of Jack and Alesha their broken relationship might not be old news. The news of Aesha and Jack’s break up was announced in ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ after Jack said.

“No, we split up. To be honest, when I got home, I just thought it was a bit of a forced situation, and it wasn’t real. I thought about it all and called it a day.”

However, Aesha’s story was completely different, as she accused Jack of cheating on her. She further mentioned that after the show, Jack said to her that he had to attend a wedding in London and even promised Aesha to invite her. But in reality, he attended the event with his ex-girlfriend, and Aesha was left out. Later, when Aesha called Jack and confronted him -- he accepted seeing his former flame. 

The differences between them were sorted out, but their relationship ended as they agreed to stay on a friendly term. So, that was their short-term romantic stint in the open waters of the Mediterranean. 

As we are familiar with Aesha’s current life cycle, which revolves around Scotty, her new beau.

About Jack is currently living with his partner Kelly Hidge and relishing his life as a father; his partner welcomed an adorable baby boy. Well, Kelly is the girl with whom he broke up before he made an appearance in Below Deck, and after the filming of the show concluded, he reconciled with Kelly again.

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