TikTok update causes outrage after text changes color!

The magic behind the app was made in China!

TikTok update causes outrage after text changes color!

Chinese video-sharing social networking service TikTok is owned by ByteDance, created to upload lip-sync, short dance, comedy, and talent videos. The applications are often updated, giving the users the best experience, and users also get exposure to new exciting features.

However, sometimes the update is not favored by the users. The same thing happened with TikTok’s latest update, which users find too difficult to use. The users are also taking Twitter as a medium to disclaim about the new features. 

TikTok Update Made Caption Black 

Although not a major update, this feature might come in handy for those using the amulet display. However, users are reacting to changes in both positive and negative ways. While scrolling down the app, the text is usually in color white, which stands out against all the videos. 

But now, some users are facing the white font caption turning into a black font. The reason for the changes is because of TikTok’s light mode and a dark mode. 

User’s Rant About Black Captions

Through Twitter, it has been clear that users did not update well because the black text made it difficult to read the caption finding it annoying and does not stand out amongst background videos. 

One of the captions reads,

“Who made the captions on TikTok black because I can’t read half of them now.”

Whereas another caption reads,

“Yo whoever added the black caption on TikTok needs to get fixed asap.”

Option To Change Black Into White Caption

Thankfully, users who find the update annoying and difficult can breathe in peace as the caption can be turned back to normal. 

Let’s know-how the user can change it:

  1. Open the TikTok app you can see the ‘Me’ option in the bottom bar.
  2. After that, on the top right-hand corner, press the three dots.
  3. Then scroll down to ‘general’ where you can see a setting called ‘dark mode.’
  4. After you click on dark mode and you can choose to set from light mode to dark mode.
  5. Now you can get back to the white caption again.

Since the recent reviews, users are content with the initial color, and there are chances that users might be using the default color skin present before the new update arrived. 

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