Bob Saget Has Maintained a Close Bond with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Bob Saget Has Maintained a Close Bond with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

It has been more than 2 decades since Bob Saget last played Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s father in the famous ABC sitcom, Full House. And the three are just as close even today. 

In an exclusive sneak peek from Bob’s Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum's podcast interview, the actor talked about his bond with the girls of Full House, the Olsen sisters, Jodie Sweetin, and Candace Cameron Bure. 

When asked “Between Candace, Jody and the Olsen twins, which of the kids did you get along with the best?” Bob replied with, “Whoever I was with at the moment, just like my own kids.”

I’m very close with Candace, always was since we did the pilot. Jodie used to sleep over at my house and play with my daughter Aubrey, my oldest.”

And Bob simply adores Mary-Kate and Ashley, who did not sign on for the Netflix reboot, Fuller House. (The cast who did rejoin the reboot included Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber)

Ashley and Mary-Kate, I love so much. When I’m in New York or when they’re here, when we can, we see each other.”

Despite the fact that he admitted “there’s no favorite,” among his on-screen daughters, Bob continues to maintain a loving bond with each one over the years.

They’re all friends, it’s not like they’re kids,” he says. “But Jodie was probably more like a kid to me. Ashley and Mary-Kate are more like friends because I kind of got the whole thing of everything they’re about. Candace is a friend. They’ve all been there for me in a big way when I’ve gone through hard stuff.”

While talking about the cast of Full House, a family member has made another headline over the past two years. Lori Loughlin has been the center of attention after spending nearly two months in federal prison for her part in the college admissions scandal.

Despite the situation, Lori’s co-stars have maintained their support for the actress, and that includes Bob as well. “I love her,” the actor says. “I’ve been asked (about) it a lot. I’ve gotten whittled down. I just love her. I don’t know, I’d like to see a lot of other people doing time. We’re in such a place where no matter what I say I’m screwed, and I just love her. That’s where I am on that.”

Bob will be talking about more in the latest episode of Inside of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum, that will drop on Tuesday, February 9. 

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